Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic and Clay Pots For the Pants

Plastic or clay pots for the plants?

One of the biggest considerations when trying to grow plants is to decide the type of pots that would be used to house them. Two kinds of housing have been popular, namely the unglazed clay (terra cotta) pots and the plastic pots. Both having advantages and disadvantage, we would like to stage a comparison to help the gardeners make their choice.

Clay Pots

A terra cotta clay pots is none waterproof. It absorbs excess moisture from the plant and thus contributes to the health of the plant. Clay pots keep the root system of the plant at the correct temperature and help the root system to breathe and stay healthy.

A clay pot will keep the potting soil moist for a longer period of time. Because they are usually high fired they will not absorb the water that is used for the planting materials. That is why plants thrive easily and for a long period of time in a clay pot. Don’t forget that if the pot ever cracks or chips that seal will be broken and any water will find that crack and try to penetrate.

Also you have to bring size of the plants into consideration too, a bigger plant with thick roots would sit in more comfortably in a large clay and it would have room to grow and get stable. Mostly clay pot are more suitable outdoors because they are usually heavy and not easy to move around. They are usually of a dark or rusty color and blend well with soil and give a complete garden look.

One disadvantage of a clay pot is that it is a breakable material and can be broken easily with rough handling or it may crack with lots of moving around.

Plastic Plant Pots

The plastic plant pots on the other hand are usually of bright colors and light weight and may help more in making your indoors lively when used in combination with your interior decor. Due to their nonabsorbent quality they also make an ideal choice for gardeners who do not water their plant frequently as the excess water can be slowly used by the plant.

One of considerations using the plastic pot is over-watering of the plant. The plastic pot keeps the soil too wet in case of over watering due to its none absorbent nature and this may cause damage to the roots of the plant. With too few drainage holes the pot would actually help retain moisture and this would put stress the plant affecting the growth of the plant.

However plastic pots are not breakable and they are flexible. Also they are made of recyclable material and are therefore environment friendly. Be it a clay pot or plastic pot both have their advantages and disadvantages, and both are suitable in one or the other situations, so its basically the gardeners duty to make a wise choice among the clay pot or the plastic pot to promote the well being of the plants.

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