Avatar Makeup Tutorial With Airbrush Makeup

The Avatar movie was an absolute sensation, the graphics were incredible, and the world they created simply magical. This is no doubt going to translate into a lot of merchandising but the most fun thing will be all the Na’Vi inspired looks that come out at costume parties, and especially Halloween. This Avatar makeup tutorial should give you the basics of how to get a great Na’Vi look for the next fancy dress party, or just for fun.

The very first thing to do is to get some great images to inspire you, facial close ups are essential. All Avatar makeup tutorials will tell you that the underlying look for the Na’Vi is actually cat. So this means big eyes, broad nose at the eyes, and that pussy-cat nose (fangs are an option too, as they had them in the movie).

So to start the Avatar makeup tutorial, you’ll need to get a nice white base going on your face, especially if you have a darker skin tone as the white will really make the blue stand out as a true color. The base color of the Na’Vi is actually quite a baby blue, so using a baby blue color cover your whole face over the white (don’t forget to blend down to the neck and ears – any place that will be showing). Next you need to contour your nose to make it appear wider up the top. This is simply done by taking a darker shade of blue and shading a line outwards from the corner of the eye down to the nostrils.

Every Avatar makeup tutorial will use different products for coloring, so it’s up to you whether you want to use a cream color, powders or even have fun airbrushing (this will definitely be the quickest option). Using home airbrushing kits like those from Dinair can really let you get creative with your Na’Vi look, as they have a great range of colors available, and will provide the most authentic skintone.

The next step in this Avatar makeup tutorial is to put in the darker markings. Now each Na’Vi person has individual markings, so you can make them up – but the key is to make each side of the face symmetrical – thinking along the lines of a tiger won’t hurt either.

In this Avatar makeup tutorial I will recommend using an angled brush with a powder in a dark blue to draw in the outlines, then to fill them in when you are happy – using the Dinair airbrush would be great for this step. Once this is done, then use a blue color with a hint of plum in it for the lips, and a more purple color to contour your nose (cat style) to give the illusion of a smaller tip. Big eyes are essential, so lining the bottom water line with white will help give the illusion of bigger eyes. If you have yellow contact lenses this will complete to look well.

The last step in this Avatar makeup tutorial is to apply the luminescent dots that the Na’Vi all have. These are relatively random in placement, so take a white pigment and give yourself a smattering of these luminous dots.

For the whole thing to work perfectly, a long black wig in a Native American style hairdo will be the finishing touch to recreate an authentic Na’Vi look.

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