Basques, Corsets, Stockings Or High Heels – What Do Men Find Sexiest on Women?

When it comes to lingerie, it makes women feel sexy and empowered as well as highly confident regardless of when or how it is worn. A good collection of lingerie should be part of every woman’s wardrobe, not just because of what it does for confidence levels but also as a means of upping the wow factor where the man in your life is concerned. So what do men think of lingerie and do they prefer sexy lingerie over other aspects such as killer heels?

Corsets, basques and babydolls as well as stockings are just a handle of examples of the lingerie that is available. For men, all of these and more make women sexier and more seductive and all men have their favorites but they all run along the same sort of theme. See-through, revealing and lacy; men love flattering sexy and risky lingerie on a woman, but on top of this it is a well known fact that what men love more than just lingerie is lingerie teamed with high heeled shoes and I have to agree this really does pull the look together perfectly, but what is it about high heeled shoes that men can’t get enough of?

To men, a killer heel contracts the curves of a woman to make them have a more pronounced shape; it also means that a woman has to take smaller strides, which will enhance the swaying motion of the hips. A heel also emphasizes a range of fantasies such as sexy school teacher or naughty secretary. It make a woman more feminine and emphasizes one of the favorite female features to a man; the legs. When you then team high heels with lingerie you are on a definite winner to impress and seduce your man, so what are the best pieces of lingerie to do this? Let’s start with the simple team of bras, G-strings and stockings. To many women this may seem simple, especially if it is something that is worn most days but to men, this doesn’t reveal too much but still lets them have a sneak peak; it is teasing and flattering all at the same time and if you use the colors white, red and black then this makes it even better.

A favorite for men however has to be a corset or basque. I very much doubt that there is a man out there who wouldn’t want to see a woman wearing this. Not only does it slim the body and flatten the silhouette but it also boosts the cleavage, all of which tick the right boxes where men are concerned. And when teamed with a g-string and a pair of thigh high stockings you are sure to have your man at his knees.

When looking at all the various aspects that are sure to seduce a man, each of them work on their own but think about it, when you team a corset with stocking and a pair of heels, how much more of an impact are you going to make? Basically instead of questioning what men like more, why not treat your man to a bit of everything. Make yourself completely irresistible and your man won’t be able to keep his hands off you!

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