Best Colorado Wedding Sites

Now that you have announced your engagement do you have friends and family coming out of the wood work with suggestions and ideas for your perfect day? With each suggestion is the price tag getting bigger and bigger. You stated you wanted something small and intimate and your mothers are handing you a guest list of 200 close friends that must be invited so their feelings don’t get hurt.

As you look into each others eyes with visions of your life together enfolding in front of you, you smile and say “Why don’t we just elope?”

The best Colorado weddings are sometimes the small elopement ceremonies.

Why not elope in Colorado? Ski season is almost here. An intimate ceremony on the ski slopes is possible so you can save the enormous expense of a one day party for your mothers’ friends for a down payment on a house?

A lot of the best Colorado wedding sites are free. The following is a short list of some the sites you might want to consider.

Boulder Falls is an hour west of Denver in the town of Boulder. A short hike up the trail lends itself to Colorado beauty at its’ best through the pines and rocks of the splendid mountains. The trail ends with the majesty of the 70 foot waterfall. Big boulders split the stream so both sides of the falls cascade into the river. A beautiful romantic and free spot for your perfect day.

Lookout Mountain located just thirty minutes from Denver is a historical site and the location of Buffalo Bills grave. The mountain was originally used by the Ute Indians to look out over the plains for wagon trains or other visitors coming across the plains. From their vantage point you will also lookout over Golden, and have a terrific view of Denver. Perfect for you and a few close friends, or rent the Boettcher Mansion for your reception.

Gallup Gardens located in Littleton is less than thirty minutes from Downtown. This beautiful park offers several beautiful locations amongst the trees and shrubs for a romantic setting. You can also rent one of the shelters for your reception. Electricity is available and is suitable for up to 75 guests.

The Garden of the Gods is located in Colorado Springs an hour from Denver. The majestic red rocks spiraling in the air are breathtakingly beautiful. This picturesque backdrop is a National Park with a free entrance fee. Close by in Colorado Springs are many hotels and restaurants to enjoy an intimate evening.

Seven Falls is also just outside of Colorado Springs. This national wonder is located in South Cheyenne Canyon. 181 feet of cascading water traverses 7 distinct steps. You may consider an early evening wedding at this location so you can take advantage of the lights on the waterfalls.

Planning a summer trip? Consider Mount Evans. It is open from late May to early September. This is the highest paved road in America. You start in Idaho Springs at 8,700 feet above sea level and reach 14,240 at the top. You have many choices for wedding sites on the way. From being married in an Ancient Pinion Pine forest to a beautiful lakeside location or of coarse the summit.

No matter where you choose in Colorado for your wedding you are guaranteed spectacular surroundings and unforgettable memories. Getting a marriage license in Colorado is easy, with no blood tests or waiting period required.

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