Bra Solutions for Hiatal Hernia and High Ribcage

Bras for Hiatal Hernia

It can be difficult finding a bra if you’ve been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. Bras that constrict the upper stomach can cause pain and even digestive problems. That is why it’s important to find a good bra that will allow you to be both supported and comfortable.

I recommend that women with hiatal hernias wear only soft cup or non-underwire bras. Underwires will likely cause you to be in pain so avoiding them will be beneficial. There are fabulous soft cup bras available in a multitude of colors, styles and sizes. You’ll be sure to find something that works for you!

If you’re considering wearing a wireless sports bra, be sure to buy one for low-impact sports. Medium to high-impact sports bras will have tight bands that will put too much pressure on your chest.

Bra Sizing with Stomach Discomfort

Comfort is vital for women with hiatial hernias so I always recommend a looser band size. But first try a bra in your measured size with no underwire. If you find this to be uncomfortable, go up in the band size. Don’t forget – if you go up in the band size, you must go down in the cup size to keep the same amount of space in the cup. For instance, if a 34C is too tight, try a 36B.

Best Bras for a Sensitive Ribcage

The easiest solution to this problem is to try a soft cup bra or one without underwires. You may think there aren’t many cute styles without a wire, but you’d be wrong! There are now more soft cup bras than ever before and they come in an assortment of styles and colors. A lot of soft cup bras have V-necklines that are not only sexy but supportive as well. For a look that appears more like a “regular” bra, try with molded cups or contour cups.

Need Help Finding a Comfortable Bra?

If you believe you have a high ribcage or a Hiatal Herbia and would like a recommendation for a fabulous bra in your size, Linda’s is here to help! Ask Linda for more fitting help.

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