Breast Enlargement – Can We Talk Cup Size?

Breast implants simply do not come in cup sizes.  Unfortunately you cannot  meet with a breast augmentation  surgeon and ask them for C cup breast implants. Once you understand a little about what goes into breast enlargement, however, you will know how to ask for what you want from your doctor.

Breast implants come in various sizes defined by the amount of saline or silicone volume within the implant.  For example, smaller breast implants come in sizes such as 200cc, 250cc and so on.  The largest implants come in sizes like 1200cc, 1600cc, and 2000cc. The most common breast implant size is around 350cc.

Each plastic surgeon is different and will discuss the breast size topic with you differently.  In short, doctors will talk about it this way:

1) Some will talk about bra cup size with you, but they will be sure to talk about it in general ways.

2) Other doctors will only talk about breast implant sizes.

3) Still others will keep the topic so general that they will prefer to use terms like “Big, Bigger, or Biggest”.

Why are there so many ways to approach the subject of cup size?  The first issue has to do with the variety of ways in which bra manufacturers define cup size in their bras. You have probably already noticed that a bra from one manufacturer fits you as a B cup, while a bra from another company may fit you as an A cup.  Savvy to this problem, doctors recognize they cannot possibly fit you to each of these manufacturers.

Another issue has to do with communication between the patient and the doctor.  One patient’s mental vision of a C cup may be very different from that of another.  Using before and after photos of other women is a bit helpful but fraught with problems as well.   These pictures are not only two-dimensional, they are of breast implants placed on another woman’s body. As each woman’s body is unique, how can a surgeon use a two-dimensional photo to make a determination of breast implant size?

Many surgeon’s understand, however, that cup size is really the only language we have for breast sizes.  To discuss the matter at all, it is very difficult not to use terms like D cup and DD cup in a discussion.

The single best way today to talk about breast size is with the use of breast implant sizers.  Modern sizing systems are designed so that you can try on various breast implant sizes to get an idea of how large your breasts will be given different implant sizes. By wearing various breast implant sizes over a period of a few days or weeks, you can begin to feel the difference as to what breast size is right for you.

Breast implant sizing systems usually come with sports bras that have no cup size. The reasons for this are all the same as noted above.  The critical value to these systems, however, is that you can wear your favorite breast size to your consultation and show the doctor what kind of breast size you want.  The clear advantage to this method is that you can show the doctor what you want in three-dimensions and on your own body. That is a far cry better than talking in general terms or using pictures of other women.

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