Bridal Fascinator and Other Hair Jewelry

So you have a very important day coming and you don’t want to wear a veil so what are the alternatives? Today with so many creative people in the world it’s no wonder anyone wouldn’t be confused on the type of hair jewelry to choose. Bridal fascinators has become a big trend in wedding wear. Brides are choosing the fascinators over traditional veils.It is a bit over whelming when choose any type of accessories for weddings because of the many different style, designs and types that are available.

When shopping for your hair accessories you must first consider a few things including your gown, how you’re going to wear your hair and the colors that you’re brides maid are wearing. You must also consider the type of attachment you want your fascinator connected to, a comb a clip or a elastic band if you are wearing a pony tail.

Let’s break down the different types of hair jewelry available:

  • Bridal fascinators are a style of millinery for the head. They are made with fabrics, feathers, flowers or beads. They can attach to the hair in many forms like headbands, combs or clips. Bride’s maids have been known to wear them in the place of traditional head pieces but more brides are considering them for their bride’s maid as well.
  • Tiara are worn traditionally with a princess gown but not everyone like tradition and opt to wear it with form-fitting gown or whatever gown they choose. They are made of either rhinestone or pearls and worn if the hair is in a up-do or cascading down your back regardless is screams princes.
  • Combs are also a great alternative to the veil because it too can be worn if the hair is in an up-do or straight. Combs come in many materials stones, pearls, flowers, feathers, or a combination of them all.
  • Headband are another option because of it fullness. They were usually seen on the flower girls but because of all the beautiful material that is available they are being made for brides as well.
  • Pins can be worn as little accents place randomly about the head. They too add a very elegant touch to the hair. They are more cost-effective than the other hair jewelry mention above and they are a great alternative if you have already busted your budget.

Shop wisely when you are looking for hair accessories for your wedding can be very expensive if you don’t shop around and take into the consideration the different factors involve in your wedding. But with the right research you can find very affordable elegant designs by custom designer. Not only would you have one of a kind but it’s made with you in mind. Every bride wants to feel beautiful and special on their big day so take time out and shop wisely. Happy wedding!

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