Bridal Jewelry – Fulfilling a Wedding Tradition

If you looked at traditional weddings, whites and creams dominated the scene and you would always see the bride resplendent in white with jewelry to match. This is for traditional weddings, but of course even today, a lot of us like to uphold family tradition that gives a sense of continuity in weddings. Be it the wedding dress, the wedding trousseau, or the wedding jewelry, we like to be firmly rooted in tradition.

What is really interesting to note today is, even in modern times many of us honor our wedding traditions by wearing a piece that is handed down by someone in the family. Often times, a grandmother would give a bride her wedding jewelry such as a necklace, a bracelet and earrings. They would shimmer with a mix of iridescent mother-of-pearl and big white pearls with little diamonds encrusted on them. Brides would wear these for her wedding and preserve them for their daughter. Brides would find it hard to describe the feeling that these family heirlooms would give her on her wedding day! Nothing could compare to the fact that the women in the brides family, the ones you grew up with and admire, are with you. So, this was about wearing family keepsakes and the perfect way of paying your respects to elders generations of the family.

If you don’t have that option, wearing something new is obviously what you have to do. You will be amazed at the choices you have, considering the vast array of stores that you can find either near you or through the internet which brings the whole world near you. You will definitely find a sparkling something that will interest you and also fit within your budget. If possible, find something that will also compliment your bridesmaids jewelry.

A host of light-colored gemstones, precious and semi-precious, are quickly gaining center stage alongside diamonds. Even colored diamonds in various hues of rose, champagne and azure tones are becoming wedding ceremony favorites.

A much more practical solution for budget brides is to borrow jewelry. While this may be a strange option for brides who want to be dressed to the nines in things brand new, but this is an option you must consider if you are not one to spend thousands of dollars for certain accessories that they will never wear again. Borrow the jewelry for your nuptials by paying a small rental fee. Most jewelers will also ask for a refundable deposit for insurance purposes. You can always treat yourself to jewelry of your own tastes and preferences after the wedding, instead of being pressurized at the time you are already stressed about a million other choices.

Finally, whatever you decide, make sure the jewelry you choose is in keeping with the wedding dress, the ambiance, the time of the wedding reception, and the year your wedding will take place. Also, consider the location. The less, the better if you are getting married outdoors in the hot summer. Show your beauty with tasteful and limited jewelry, instead of going all blitz and bling. Wedding jewelry is not just something you wear for your wedding ceremony, but something that you will cherish and treasure all your life in remembrance of your special day.

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