Brooks Brothers Vs Paul Frederick

Is there really a difference between Brooks Brothers and Paul Frederick? A brief side-by-side comparison will show the similarities and differences between the two companies to find out if they have more in common than a name for quality men’s wear. In fact, you will find that each brand has its own style as well as its own way of handling business. However, you will also find that there are a few common factors in their selections.

Brooks Brothers
One of the first things that you will see with Brooks Brothers that you will not see with Paul Frederick is women’s clothing. In fact, Brooks Brothers has selections for women’s and children’s clothing and accessories as well as men’s. However, Brooks Brothers may still be most known for its selections of men’s clothing and accessories including casual clothing according to season as well as its perennial selection of quality suits with no-iron dress shirts and other formal wear.

In addition to clothing, there are many other selections such as watches, belts and suspenders, hats and gloves, cuff links, sunglasses and even umbrellas, pens and stationery, key chains and fragrances from Brooks Brothers. In fact, the company has its own brands of books and music to compliment the brand’s style. Furthermore, you can always look for promotions and discounts from the site and other specialty sites that offer coupons and promotional codes for the clothing and accessories you like.

Paul Frederick
While Brooks Brothers has branched out its options to include women’s and children’s items, Paul Frederick continues to cater exclusively toward its male target audience. In fact, this company tends to keep its offerings simple but upscale with dress shirts, ties, trousers, sport shirts, knits, sports coats, outerwear and accessories. The company also has its own Big and Tall selection for men who need less conventional sizes but quality cuts for their clothing.

While you will not find the books and music to set the mood with Paul Frederick wear, you will find accessories such as hats and caps, pocket squares, belts and braces. Of course, you will also find a quality shoe collection among these items. Like Brooks Brothers, you can also find promotional codes and perhaps a Paul Fredrick coupon for discounts. However, you can also go to the site and look at its clearance section that carries specials on all kinds of items from clothing to accessories.

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