Caress the Inner Thighs Properly and You Have Unlocked a Master Secret to Female Mind Control

Men know that there are certain areas on a woman that they should know more about, but don’t. They are pretty sure that they’ve heard that the inner thigh is one such area. Well, men, stop ignoring this area, it is more important than the clitoris.

The seduction of the inner thighs  

Men seem not to fully realize that the female mind is an entity that is controlled by appreciation and tenderness, and not lust like the male brain. It is a known verifiable fact that men are more animalistic in nature, and they are driven by sight. That is why lingerie that accentuates curves, like garter belts, drives men through the walls. Think about it men, a clothed woman in lingerie is almost probably more sexually appealing to you than a nude female form. That is because you brain is designed to pick up on these cues, and it is out of your power to do anything about it. That is how nature sculpted the male neurology.  

Women were designed to look for a good mate and a good father. This means that we are psychologically developed to pick up on sensitive and giving lovers. We love the worshipper of the female form, and the attention to detail that some men pay to it. One of the most important areas is the inner thigh and calf. The calf should be attended to with a gentle brushing motion with the back of the hand. Then the inner thigh near the buttocks should be focused on with gentle sucking and licking. Kisses should start around mid-thigh and work into the pelvis which should end with light licks. This will literally almost make your woman orgasm if done correctly. Some women can in fact orgasms from this.  

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