Cheap Bridal Dresses – The Secret to Getting a $2000 Wedding Dress For $399

Why would anyone pay $5000 for a wedding dress when they can get the same look for $499?

Of course the first thing most brides think of when you say “discount wedding dress”, is finding a bridal salon that is having a sale or going out of business. Certainly that can be fine. But if you don’t live near a big city that has many shops to choose from, finding cheap bridal dresses can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

If you live in NYC or Boston, there are two famous stores that have deeply discounted sales on their designer wedding gowns. One is even called “The Running of the Brides”. Unfortunately, most people that are looking for cheap bridal dresses that don’t live near these two locations can’t afford to fly in for such an event.

So where can you turn if you are a bride on a budget? Or if you are a bride who just can’t understand paying $3000 for a dress that you will only wear for several hours?

The answer of course is to go online. But before you do, there are some things that you need to know about purchasing wedding dresses via the internet. Most people just assume that eBay is one of the better places to get a discounted wedding dress. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. For as many brides who have bought their dresses from an online auction and been satisfied, there are just as many who have experienced a nightmare and gotten stuck with a dress that was nothing like what they thought they were getting.

The whole secret to buying cheap bridal dresses online is buying either one of three ways:

  1. Find an Online Bridal Shop that sells discounted designer wedding dresses. Even if you do, still expect to pay only about 20% less. But, you might find a sale, make sure that your cheaper dress is actually a designer one. Just because it’s cheaper, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have tags and be brand new.
  2. Purchase a used designer wedding gown. This can be chancy, but if you can find a reputable 2ND hand bridal shop, many brides have reported high satisfaction going this route.
  3. Find an online bridal store that sells cheap bridal dresses that look like the expensive ones. This is often times the best way to get the dress of your dreams at a fraction of the cost. But there are a couple of things that you must know before you buy online.

The most important fact about buying cheap bridal dresses online is to make sure that you actually see pictures of gowns that are made.

This sounds simple enough, but unfortunately, it isn’t. Most discount online bridal stores show pictures of designer dresses and then the bride thinks that she is getting such a great deal when she sees a picture of her $2000 Casablanca Bridal Gown for $319!

Rule of thumb for buying online, look for websites that show pictures of their actual dresses. This is a sure way to see the quality of their gowns. If an online bridal store shows pictures of the dresses that they make, then you can be pretty confident that you what you see is what you get.

Also, use common sense and make sure that they publish their address and customer service telephone number. Then, before you buy call and make sure that you can actually speak to someone.

If you follow these rules for buying online, you can get cheap bridal dresses that are inspired by designer wedding gowns at a huge savings.

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