Clothing – How to Approach Women

Okay, so you want to learn how to approach women right?

Great, I’m here to teach you just that. No frills, no BS. no hype. I’ve seen it all man. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I’m not gonna waste your time. One the easiest and most brutally effective actions you can do is buy some good threads. This is simply the most effective and passive strategy to start getting women to see you differently, immediately.

All it takes is some cash, a basic understanding of clothes and then away we go. Women want to be around guys who are congruent with being especially sexual and aren’t afraid to show it either. The simplest way to communicate this is through your clothing and dressing sexy. I know this might be a shock and that some of you think only girls need to bother dressing sexy.

Well not in the least.

Fashion is an very big subject but there are some very definite rules that, if you follow them will make a massive difference.

Okay, so what is ‘sexy’ dressing for guys anyway? I’ll set you straight. The number 1 trick is to wear tight-fitting clothes. This will not fail. Honestly. It’s one of the primary reasons why 70’s rock stars were so widely considered crazy hot no matter how ugly they really were. It’s not some subtle, subconscious factor in chick’s minds.

Another great technique you can try is to grow your hair out. To women, long hair is just plain attractive. Ever. It’s one of the worst things you can do for your image. Did you know that girls look at a guys hair almost right away? Yip! I’ve heard it said that women look at a guys shoes first but that is just plan dumb. Think about it logically. After your face (which one can’t really change too much without a ton of cash) what is the next thing they notice? Your haircut of course. Put some effort into it.

Honestly, in the early days, I thought it was. So slowly, over the course of a year or so bought tighter and tighter clothes as I felt relaxed enough to push my envelope. Stupid! I rather suggest you attacking it fast-and-painful-style. Just do it quick and get it done. To start, it will make the effect on the women you meet totally obvious to you and secondly, it will save you a lot of time. Your jeans are going to squash your bits, they’re gonna feel really tight and strange, you’re gonna get a shock when you see yourself in mirrors, people are gonna question you why you’re dressing this way…all of that.

But I’ve got a question for you. Don’t make the same error I made and question information. Trust what I’m saying, go out, try some new looks (even if it’s only for a few nights to gauge responses and better your life the rest of time.

All the weird feelings and thoughts disappear soon enough. Almost nobody knows this stuff when learning how to approach women. Be the guy that does and stand out from all the sweet, gentlemanly dudes these hot women are meeting every day.

For some more inspiration and ideas, search Google images for indie, emo, punk, hardcore and rock fashion. You don’t have to go all black and wear nail polish, but your clothes really do need to be tight-fitting and thus, hot.

Now go have some fun.

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