Crazy About Billiards? Make it a Metaphor at Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Weddings are serious business. You’re committing to spend the rest of your life together. As long as you keep that in mind as you plan your wedding, there’s no reason you can’t have a little fun while you’re accomplishing that goal – and build some great community support and enjoyment while you’re doing it.

I admit. Don’t play pool. But I love metaphors and billiards is a game that is rich with metaphor. At all weddings, you want to be sure that your entire community is included and entertained, but there are plenty of ways to manage this if you think carefully.

So, if this is something that speaks to you, why not consider these ideas for including billiards in your wedding. You notice that I didn’t say theme. The theme of your wedding is the commitment you offer in your wedding vows and your marriage.

  • Wedding Ceremony: Pool is a complex game. It’s a game that includes strategy, dexterity and luck. The combination of the three of these makes a great metaphor for what makes a marriage work. It was luck that you met. What you do with it is what matters.
  • Wedding Vows: Be very careful here. You don’t want to get cutsie. Your vows should not be based on a game that could end. You might want to include the metaphors, but the game should not be part of this. Life isn’t always going to be about pool. But a good marriage will always take planning and dexterity to capitalize on the luck!
  • Venue: Go ahead, have it at a pool hall or a billiards club. If it’s one of those that always smells like stale beer, you might make part of your contract having it cleaned, or lower the price so you can do that. You’re going to want some space for people who don’t want to play pool to enjoy themselves. And you might need some lighting.
  • Activities: Build some community here. Teach some lessons. Let the bridesmaids play the groomsmen (and get them working beforehand so that they can beat them handily!) Let the aunts on both sides play the uncles on both sides. (Take the kids off and hire someone to teach them to play – on their own table!) Set up a round robin (you can make the games short)
  • Traditions: Skip the first dance and play a match. Let people “bet” quarters on the outcome and send that money off to a favorite charity. Let them have a wedding shot with the bride or groom. Again, rather than an apron dance, collect the $1s for charity.

Don’t over do this. Serve good food. Have good music. Make sure people can hear. Mingle with your crowd, don’t stay on the tables. You can play pool on your honeymoon! But doing something you love as part of your wedding will help keep it alive as part of your marriage. Couples who have things they love to do together, do better. Couples whose community enjoys spending time with them do better. And couples who plan fun things at their wedding have a great time at their wedding. That sounds pretty, great, eh?

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