Dish Network Deal – How I Found the Best Dish Network Deals Online

If you’ll give me about five minutes of your time, I’ll make your Dish Network TV shopping experience so easy you’ll wish you could thank me. How can I make such a bold claim? Because I’ve already done the hard part — weeding out the crap and the hype and finding the best place online to order Dish Network-hands down.

This was no easy task, and if I hadn’t done it, you’d have to. But you’d probably make the same mistake that most people make when they finally smarten up and decide to quit financing the cable company. You’d probably surf around for an hour or two, get disgusted with out of date promotional information and contradictory pricing and wind up heading to Dish Network’s home page. To quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman; “Big mistake. HUGE mistake.”

Many people, in fact I’d go so far as to say most people, don’t know the secret that many satellite TV sites use to keep people on their site as long as possible and take as much of their money as they possibly can. This could have been your fate, too, but fortunately, you’re reading this and in just a minute I’ll be revealing their secret to you.

There are plenty of places online that will give you the basic rundown on Dish Network. It’s pretty common knowledge that they offer about 350 channels with more movies, HD programs, international channels, music and pay-per-view movies and events than their competition.

What you may not know is they’ve recently added more HD channels to their line-up. How do I know this? Because I’ve been to the sites listed at the bottom of this article and these boys know their stuff when it comes to Dish Network. They’re on top of the latest developments and most recent promotional offers, and you can be sure you’re not getting screwed with a stale offer that doesn’t even exist anymore.

You can type in Dish Network and click on any of the millions of pages your search will return and learn that Dish Network gives you free equipment and free installation in up to four rooms. But did you know that they also give you an HD receiver for free? Another little tidbit I picked up from one of those sites down below. Go ahead, scroll down and take a look, I know you’re dying to see if I know what I’m talking about.

But before you go, you remember that secret I told you about? Here’s the deal on that. If you go to another website and decide to order right there from the home page, you’ll probably pay more than you have to. You’re almost certain to pay more than I did.

Many websites put their best deal or their biggest promotion not on the front page, but hidden within the website, on an inner page you have to navigate to, if you can find it at all. Why would they do this? It makes for good business. If you order right off the bat from the first offer they give you, they win. If you stay on the site and sift through all the available information and happen to find their ‘best offer’ you’ll sign up then and again, they win.

But if you’ve gotten a great deal on Dish Network, you win too. Cheaper than cable and most other satellite providers, Dish Network also offers Internet service and a really cool mobile device called PocketDish. Click on one the links below and find out not just more about PocketDish, but the latest and greatest that Dish Network has to offer.

If you order from anywhere else, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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