Do You Need Push-Inward Bras?

When you swing your upper arms, do they brush your bra? Do your breasts point more outward than frontward? Is your cleavage over two inches apart? If they do, then you might need push-inward bras.

You would perhaps be more familiar with the ‘push up bra’, which essentially pushes up the breasts to create bigger-looking ‘mammas’. Push-inward bras do that, too, plus push inwards to generate a better cleavage and keep the bra side panels off the arms’ swingway to make you look sexier, slimmer and even a bit taller.

Essentially, a push-inward bra does not differ much from a push up bra, except for the side padding that push the breasts inward. Such paddings are molded to the bra’s form and may be made of fabric, gel, plasticine rubber, water pouches or small air bags. The bras may likewise have underwires, those short lengths of metal sewn (or sometimes not) under the cup that form the lower cup part, support the breast and even protect it in some ways.

Most push-inward bras have wide side panels or seams for better side support, comfortable wear and help the inserts from bulging outward. The cups’ sides are often seamed and made a bit more rigid for the same reasons. Wide back wings also help reshape the body, smoothing out bulges created by fatty areas. Straps may likewise be wider than ordinary to help support the push up action of the bra.

Because most push-inward bras are made for wearing in special occasions such as parties, gala events, and social evenings, they are made of appropriate materials. Lace, silky fabrics, Lycra, Spandex and those that feel smooth to the touch are used in these bras. They are often half-cups in their many variations since the primary purpose is to show the cleavage.

However, most push-inward bras are not correct for every woman so that to find yours you need to test each variation for correct fit. The designs for the cups vary, so many will be either too small or too large, too narrow or too stiff for you. Using the incorrect bra can be more disadvantageous than advantageous, such as having the ‘four-boobs effect’, when each breast bulges over the bra cup that is too small for it.

Another ill effect is when the bra makes ‘forward points’ or ‘pointed torpedoes’, pointed ends instead of rounded forms for good d├ęcolletage. In short it would be counterproductive to use incorrect push-inward bras.

Push-inward bras were designed to give a woman that feeling of beauty and sexiness that makes a woman really a woman. But no matter how useful a push-inward bra could be, when the wrong one is selected, all the intended benefits will be negated and even reversed. It is thus advisable to consult with a professional on this matter at the outset to get the correct push-inward bra for you. It will be worth the effort.

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