Feminine Girdles For Men – An Introduction to Open Bottom Girdles

It may come as a surprise to hear that some men actually wear feminine girdles. Or then again, maybe this news does not come as a surprise once you consider cross dressers and drag queens who wear these undergarments. However, there is a great number of men who prefer to wear female girdles who neither cross dress or compete in drag queen contests. They simply find that girdles manufactured for women offer firmer stomach control, greater back support, and are more effective in streamlining their physical appearance than the few male girdles on the market. If you are interested in feminine girdles for men, it pays to get familiar with brand names that are associated with top quality.

Open Bottom or Panty Girdles?

Compared to male girdles, women’s girdles are much more accessible to the average consumer. Simply walk into most major department stores and you will find an incredible variety of female girdles. There are two major kinds: Open bottom (OPG) and panty girdles (PG). Open bottom girdles typically come with belt attached. Most men will have no use for the garter belts, so either look for a brand with detachable garter belts or simply remove them from your undergarment. Panty girdles come in various styles from the brief to long leg. Many men who wear feminine girdles share a preference for the open bottom girdles. These undergarments are much more bathroom-friendly, which translate into increased ease for everyday wear.

Rago Open Bottom Girdles

Rago of New York has been in the business of constructing quality girdles for over 50 years. You will find that these undergarments use quality materials, have excellent worksmanship, as well as great fit. What this translates to is a long lasting undergarment. Open bottom girdles can range in price from about $20 to upwards of $50. If you are interested in everyday wear, then you absolutely need a quality garment that will hold up after laundering.

Rago undergarments come in a variety of sizes – all the way up to what is considered traditional women’s plus size wear. Sizing can be tricky when converting from men’s to women’s sizes. Men’s girdles typically correspond with your pants size. Women’s girdles fit according to waist and hip measurements. You will want to break out a tape measure and check sizing charts to get the best fit. Lucky for you, sizing charts are readily accessible online through most major retailers. Always make sure to consult the size charts before you purchase your girdle.

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