Find Out How to Make Your Woman Orgasm – Make Love With Her

Saying that many men are preoccupied with sex is understandable. That is because there really are a lot of men who always think about sex. Show them a picture of a lady in lingerie and something down there will surely start to twitch. But saying that women are not interested in sex is debatable. They may not be as vocal as men are about sex but they are also interested about it. This means that men should not think that they are the only ones who should be satisfied when having sex. They must also make sure that their partners get satisfied as well. So how should you do it? What must you do to make your woman orgasm?

Women are emotional. They are always in touch with how they feel. Capitalize on this. Do not right away go to the sex part. Do not arouse her by going physical at once. Make her feel good first. Make her feel loved. Reassure her that you like way she looks and that you like having her in your arms. If you can, take time to make your room romantic. You can do this by lighting scented candles or playing sweet music. You can even put flowers in the room or scatter petals on the bed. These may not directly make your woman orgasm but this will definitely set the tone.

Make your foreplay pleasurable for her. Give her body as much attention as you can. Forget about your own for a while. Caress her. Kiss her in places she likes. You can give her oral sex if you want. You need to do these because women take longer to warm up. They are not like men who can get heated up with just one touch.

Vary your sexual positions. Do not always stick to the old missionary position. Try others like spooning or cuddling sideways. You can also enter her from behind. They say this gives maximum clitoral stimulation so you can make your woman orgasm faster.

These are just some of the ways that you can do to make your woman orgasm. The general rule is to make love to her so she will get satisfied. Having sex is for men. Making love is for women.

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