Graco Diaper Bags and Other Things to Take to Hospital When You Are Having a Baby

While packing your maternity bag, you should keep in mind that it is not only for you but even for your baby. You should start packing up your bag at the beginning of the ninth month so that there are no tensions later. This article throws light on what items you should necessarily have at the time of leaving for the hospital.

Baby’s items: Buy a Graco Diaper bag; it is spacious and has several pockets to organize the items. This way you can keep the diapers in one pocket and baby lotion and oil in the other. Apart from the diaper bag, get diapers, which are easy to use. Keep baby’s clothes, cap, bib, socks and other items that you would need.

Nursing pads or sanitary pads: Do not ever forget to keep a whole pack of the brand that you normally felt comfortable using before the pregnancy.

Nursing bra: As a new mother, this is highly required to be put in your maternity bag. Nursing bras help you to breastfeed your newborns easily as they have a flap in the front that can be removed to expose the nipples for breastfeeding.

Slippers: Doctors want patients to mobilize after a few hours of delivery, thus slippers should help you take an easy walk in your hospital room.

Camera: Do not ever forget to put the camera inside your bag. The first time you take your baby in your arms and feed her with love, definitely deserve to be captured.

Phone diary: You would want to call everyone, who was looking forward to your baby’s arrival.

Pillow: Your comfortable pillow can be no match to the pillows they provide you at the hospital, thus keep one for sure.

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