Harley Davidson Sweatshirt – Stay Warm on the Road and Off

By wearing a Harley Davidson sweatshirt, you’ll never have to balance between looking good and staying warm.  Harley makes a wide line of quality motorcycle accessories and apparel.  While a sweatshirt isn’t the first thing you think of when you think of riding a motorcycle they can come in really handy.

I used to live in Southern California where I was completely spoiled by the weather. I remember it getting down to the 50’s sometimes and thinking I should bundle up!  Now I live in the Midwest and have felt the wrath of 20 mph wind with -4 degree temps!  I long for those “chilly” So Cal days now. 

At some point riding stops out here, because it’s just not practical or sane to drive when you can loose fingers.  Ice, snow and hail also throw a monkey wrench into your plans.  The prime riding time is mid spring through mid fall.  Anything beyond that and you’re in for some cold.

To combat the chilly weather on the edges of that time span I like to wear my Harley Davidson sweatshirt.  I wear mine under my leather jacket.  That way I still get the protection from the leather jacket and body armor but get some extra warmth from the sweatshirt.

A Harley Davidson sweatshirt will also serve you well at rallies.  You can wear it to combat the late night or early morning chill.  By making a good quality sweatshirt part of your riding gear you are sure to stay warm.  With a sweatshirt from Harley you can also show the world your love for your favorite bike manufacturer!

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