How Big Is the Smallest Breast Implant?

When it comes to breasts in America, the popular aesthetic seems to be “the bigger the better,” although the trend seems to be turning toward a more natural look in the past year or so.

As a plastic surgeon in San Francisco who performs thousands of breast augmentation surgeries, it occurred to me recently that nobody ever asks me about the smallest implant available.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised because who would want to go through the time, expense and recovery of breast enlargement surgery only to look relatively unchanged?

But in case you’re wondering, there is a small breast implant available. In fact, it’s downright tiny.

The smallest breast implant available in the United States is 80 cc. That’s roughly the size you were when you got your first training bra.

Does the smallest implant make a difference in cup size?

No. Probably not. In general, 100 cc of breast implant volume will increase breast size by one cup. So an 80 cc implant would turn a natural B cup into a B+ or full B. I’ve yet to meet the patient who wants to wear the same size bra after surgery.

Is the smallest breast implant made of saline or silicone?

Saline implants are inserted into a patient’s breasts as empty shells and then filled with saline to the desired size. Therefore, the smallest implant at 80 cc is made of silicone.

Who makes the smallest breast implant?

In the United States, only two companies are allowed to sell cosmetic breast implants – Allergan and Mentor. Allergan makes the 80 cc silicone breast implant, and Mentor’s smallest implant is a 100 cc silicone implant.

What is an 80cc breast implant used for?

Well, that’s a good question. Basically, the smallest implant isn’t often used. Even in parts of the world like Asia where women prefer smaller cup sizes, an 80 cc implant would likely not get the job done.

The original purpose of breast implants were for reconstruction after breast cancer. After a total breast removal,, the average woman would need a much larger implant than 80 cc to even achieve a small cup size. For size C or D breasts, several hundred cc would be required.

And no, the 80 cc is not used to like a layer cake on top of larger breast implants either. While some fringe doctors in other countries may place one implant on top of another for patients hoping to achieve massive HH or MM breasts, the standard and accepted method of breast augmentation in the United States only allows for one implant inside each breast.

I guess a tiny implant exists in the same realm as a singular, tiny square of dark chocolate. Sure, it’s available for sale, but who is buying it? Most people want more.

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