How Different Collar Styles on Leather Jackets Can Change Your Looks

For changing your look, you may not need an extreme makeover. Just a slight tweak in your everyday clothes could do wonders. Wardrobe should always be picked carefully, as it tells a lot about your personality. The same person may look a lot different in clothes that suit him and just any normal outfit. Sometimes even a small change can make a big difference. When it comes to jackets, you can make a lot of variations. For some people, jackets add up a lot in their look. There are different kinds of jackets, the most popular being leather jackets.

There are different colors to choose from, different types of leather, different ways for the jacket to fasten and the list just goes on. If there is one item that may look small but have a huge impact on your look, it is the collar.

There are a lot of collar styles in jackets. Collars have been an important part of shirts and jackets since the middle ages. The difference is only of style. Collars of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are obsolete now. Nowadays, jackets with collars worn even a few decades earlier seem to give an unusual look. Due to the ever increasing demand and vividness in fashion, there are a number of collar styles available in the market.

Jackets that come with double collars are loaded with attitude. They are really warm and fight off the cold and merciless winters. In some jackets, the collar is removable.For keeping you even warmer, there are double fur collars. They have fur on the outer collar and leather on the inner one. The leather collar isn’t much visible behind the fur collar. These jackets are meant for cold climates, snowfalls and the like. They come in both original fur and black colors.

If you are looking for something that you can wear the entire year, then stand collars are for you. As their name signifies, these collars stand straight just like high necks. The zipper ends either below the collar or goes all the way to the very end. Drape collars are also a growing trend these days. These collars stand straight up at the back of the neck and have a double folding on the chest. This gives a smooth softening look. There are also snap collars, which are found mostly in motorcycle jackets. Some even have nickel silver buttons on top and hidden zippers for a clean look.

Whichever style you go for, be sure to check the rest of the leather jacket as well. It should always be of the required quality. The collar style may not do much if the jacket had some minor or major defects. You can look up different collar styles from the internet and visualize (or better yet, Photoshop) yourself as how you would look with the new collar. Moreover, you should have your needs carved out beforehand, so you get a jacket that serves your ultimate purpose of fashion, warmth or maybe both.

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