How To Assemble Flat Pack Furniture The Professional Way!

Stanley Knife – Used by professional flat pack assembly experts for removing cardboard packaging, plastic wrapping from flat packs. Most flat pack furniture manufacturers forbid you to use a Stanley knife as the inexperienced flat pack assembler is prone to damaging or scoring the veneer/laminate of the furniture/flat packs inside the boxes.

Non-marking Rubber Mallet (typically 16oz) – Used by professional flat pack furniture assembly experts to knock home end panels, shelves etc during the flat pack furniture assembly process without marking or damaging or discolouring surfaces (also ideal for knocking home wooden dowels without mushrooming the heads, which would could cause problems further down the flat pack assembly line).

Cordless Drill driver with charged reserve battery (Minimum 14V) – Preferably with a gear clutch so as adequately tighten, yet not over tighten screws or allen bolts on your new flat pack furniture. This tool makes easy work of the construction of all your flat pack items and also speeds up the assembly process considerably! The Drill Driver accessories listed below must be used in conjunction with the drill driver and are an essential piece of kit for any flatpack assembly expert! Using our techniques, you can throw away your allen keys and say goodbye to those blistered and sore hands. These tools save bags of time and ensure a first class flatpack furniture assembly time after time!

Drill Driver bits – Posi-drive, Philips, Hex and slotted (range of different sizes required according to different flat pack assembly requirements). Magnetized bits will enable the flatpack assembly expert to line up a screw on the driver whilst keeping the remaining hand free to hold whatever is being fixed in place. Magnetized bits, are an extremely handy as well as time saving addition to your drill driver.

Drill bits – Used by professional flatpack assembly experts to drill pilot holes though wood and masonry. Drill bits are used in conjunction with a cordless drill/hammer drill to ensure that adequate size holes are made to insert your fixings while putting up shelves, fixing your flat pack furniture to the walls, fitting toilet roll holders, blinds, curtain poles etc. Flat Pack Furniture Assembly tip: When drilling holes through wood, such as to fit handles for wardrobe and chest of drawers, always ensure that you start drilling your hole through the drawer/door front, and place a small block of wood the other side of the hole to receive the drill bit and prevent break-out occurring.

Hole Saws – Used by professional flat pack furniture assembly experts to quickly and neatly cut a hole in the back or side of flat pack media cabinets or flat pack bookcases which house plasma screens, speakers and hi-fi equipment. The access hole enables the user to feed electrical plugs from their appliances through and into the mains plug socket. Hole saw’s are used in conjunction with a drill driver. The use of the hole saw tool makes an overall neater job and leaves your new flat pack furniture without any messy wiring. Flat Pack Assembly tip: When making your access hole, make sure that you make the cut out where it will not be causing the furniture’s structure to weaken (i.e. Near furniture cams/dowels etc.), and also ensure hole is out-of-site as possible.

Flexible Magnetic Drill Driver or 90 degree shaft – Used by professional flat pack assembly experts to insert a screw where space is restricted. An example of this is when trying to fix the cornice to the top of either a fitted wardrobe or flat packed freestanding wardrobe where the wardrobe is too close to the ceiling and your drill driver will not be able to fit into the gap. An alternative to this tool would be a stubby screwdriver, but due to the time restraints when assembling our customer’s furniture this would take too much time and make the assembly costly and to much like hard work. >>The flexible magnetic driver shaft is the ultimate flat pack assembly gadget and is a must for any flat pack assembly professional

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