How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Gown For a Bride of All Shapes and Sizes

Did you know…The classical length of a formal wedding dress, including the heels, is two inches from the floor. But informal wedding dresses are allowed to be much shorter:)
Today I want to continue the topic about informal wedding dresses that match the figure.

Here is some advice from our stylist:

• Petite brides

If you want to look taller than you actually are, choose a dress with an inflated waistline (“Empire”), low necklines, long gloves and spiked heels.
And if you want a formal dress – choose the one with the longest tail possible, it may add the mystique of height and slenderness.

Nataya Tea Length Titanic wedding dress 5901

• Tall brides.

If you are willing to reduce your perceived height, try a slinky romantic dress with low a waistline, wide belt and bell sleeves. Feel free to open the top of the dress and weighing down the bottom with lace, embroidery, flowers and ribbons.

Nataya alternative wedding piece 8902

• Bust.

A gorgeous bust must be accentuated with a glamorous V-neck.
A small bust on the other hand can be enlarged with an inflated waistline in true Victorian style.

Nataya gorgeous vintage layered wedding gown 40009

• Thin brides

Who dream to look a little more curvy will look perfect in fluffy vintage dresses and ball gowns with ribbons, lace and flounces.

Nataya Victorian-style Chiffon bridal dress 40008

• Plus size brides

Should not choose a dress with lots\of lace and ruffles. Try to attract attention to the bust and make the skirt straight.

Beautiful vintage satin Nataya wedding dress 40017

• Bare back.

Bare your back if you have a regal/beautiful bearing. This looks very nice especially with lace and embroidery.

Classic Victorian empire waist alternative wedding Nataya dress 40006

• Pregnant brides

May choose the dress or jacket with an inflated waistline.

Romantic informal wedding Nataya jacket 3301

• Wide hips.

If you wish to hide this part of your body – draw attention away from it. Put focus on the gown bodice – embroidered, beaded or decorated with flowers and choose an original neckline.

Wonderful vintage bridal Nataya gown 40016

• Broad shoulders.

If you have broad shoulders try to avoid low a neckline and straight skirt.

Layered Nataya dress 10709 with lace, tulle and embroidery

• Narrow shoulders and wide hips

Try on a ball gown or fantasy decorative dress. I wouldn’t advise any direct silhouettes. Open shoulders? – Yes, please!

Vintage charm empire waist Nataya dress 8204

• Big bust and hips.

In this case you can opt for low waistline and gorgeous neckline (A-Line).
Not a style too lush nor a fluffy waist.

Asymmetrical Nataya gown 7501 with metallic embroidery

• Waist.

Girls without a waist should choose dresses in “Empire” style. Brides with low a waistline look great in A-Line dresses.

Tiered tank Nataya dress 40013 with unique embroidery

PS: Listen to the advice of the seller and try on not only what you like, but what is recommended by an experienced consultant.

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