How to Cure Acne Through Prevention – Get Rid of Your Pizza Face!

Let’s face it, acne is the pits. Waking up to new pimples is a horrible way to start the day. Even worse, if they show up when you’re getting ready for a hot date. Or getting ready to take school photos. The problem is, there’s often no way to avoid the dreaded pimples. At least, that’s what most people think.

But there are things that can be done to help with your skin care and prevent outbreaks of zits. True, it’s going to take some time management and a degree of commitment… but it’s worth it to keep the pizza face at bay! Here are some tips to help keep your skin acne free:

— After a long busy day, take some time to rest for a few minutes. Half an hour or so of relaxation is good. You need to let your body de-stress before starting your acne skin care routine. Though it may sound silly, mental care is an important aspect of the treatment process. Don’t neglect it.

— After your brief “down time,” wash your face thoroughly. Make sure you wash off any tidbit of dirt on your skin’s surface with warm water. Your face needs to be absolutely clean because the pores will open up in the presence of the water and you don’t want any foreign particles to seep in. Warm water is much better at relaxing the pores so it is preferred over using cold water to wash the face.

Apply soap to your face. The soap needs to be hypoallergenic – that is, allergy free. Wash thoroughly, then let your face rest for five minutes or so until the pores have relaxed and opened.

— Apply a rejuvenating cream. There are a variety of brands available on the market. Just be sure that the brand you use is not an antioxidant. You want to get rid of all potential oil buildup, but you want to retain moisture on your face. You do not want it to dry up. The goal is to retain a healthy amount of moisture.

— Rinse thoroughly afterwards, and relax once again. You’ve completed the acne skin care process for today.

This is an easy routine that should be repeated on a regular basis. But don’t overlook its simplicity. Keeping up with this cleanliness regimen will help prevent any future blemishes and outbreaks. Is it guaranteed? No. But it is an easy and an inexpensive alternative to commercial acne ointments.

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