How to Make a Christmas Tinsel Hat/Wig

Are you going to a Christmas party? Do you need a novel fashion accessory to complete you outfit? This sparkly tinsel accessory costs a snip to make and can be worn as a hat or a wig. It can be made with as many or as few colours as you wish, so that it will suit any Christmas outfit. If you don’t fancy the full version, make a smaller version and wear it as a hair accessory – Put your hair into a ‘bun’ style and then cover it with your tinsel hair accessory, very cute for younger disco divas.

To make a tinsel hat/wig all you need is…
Some tinsel in whatever colour your choose, 4M is more than ample. A stocking or a tight leg and a needle and thread.

Start off by cutting the toe from the stocking and disregarding it. Pull the leg part of the stocking over your head so that it sits comfortably in place. The finished hat/wig will end up being a little smaller, pull down the stocking an extra few centimetres, maybe so that it covers your eyebrows.

With the stocking still on your head (You don’t look silly at all Ho Ho Ho!) Tie a knot in the surplus stocking hanging at the top of your head. Make the knot small, neat and tight and very close to your head, mid your hair though. This is the base of your hat/wig.

Pull the stocking over a football. This keeps the stocking taught, as it would be on your head.

Starting at the knot, stitch and secure a length of tinsel to the stocking. Working in circles around the knot, tack the tinsel to the stocking. The stitches can be roughly 3 to 4 CMS apart. If the hat/wig is to be one colour, continue working round in circles until the stocking is covered.

For two colours, join the second length of tinsel next to the first and take it in turns with the colours to make circles. The tinsel will spiral down the stocking. Continue in this way until the stocking is covered in tinsel.

Did you know that in the old days wigs were not just worn as a fashion accessory but they also hid skin diseases and head lice – Yew!

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