How to Organize Your Nursing Clogs Shoes and Cheap Scrubs

Everyone knows by now that nursing clogs shoes and cheap scrubs are the fashion statement when it comes to wearing them. You know how everyone turns their head towards you when they are looking at your nursing clogs shoes and cheap scrubs. However, you have so many of them, how do you organize them? I mean how do you organize all the nursing clogs shoes? Here are a few tips.

First: Clear the clutter. I mean, clear all the clutter in your closet. How do you propose we do that?

The way to organize your nursing clogs shoes shouldn’t be that difficult. You have to ask yourself if you mix and match your cheap scrubs. For example if you wear your blue tops with the white pants, you should have the shirt hanger with blue top and the pant hanger with the white pant in the closet right next to each other. To prevent a mix up, it is suggested that you keep the other colors away, and if you are in a rush, you don’t mix them up. It would be weird if you match up your purple scrub top with the pink pants. That would be very tacky.

The nursing clogs shoes that keep you so comfortable should always be stacked on top of one another preferably right next to the cheap scrubs you are going to wear. They should be stacked preferably by color and usually the ones you always wear should be stacked on top. In your closet, you have limited space, and hence you must utilize this space optimally. In case you can’t find the ones you are looking for, you should have a backup, on top of your shelf right next to your cheap scrubs.

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