How to Regain His Interest After He Backed Away Once – This Will Make Him Like You a Lot

If you are worried because the guy showed a lot of interest in you in the beginning but then began to pull away, it is only natural. You don’t want to lose the guy so it is essential to do something that will make him get attracted to you all over again and stay put this time! Here are some super ways to do that!

Don’t let him see how much he hurt you
So he led you on for some time and then backed away! This is bound to cause a lot of hurt, depression and dejection. However it is imperative not to let him see what his backing away has done to you. Instead look happy, busy and confident. This will surprise him and he will wonder if he goofed up!

Let some time pass
The secret to getting him back is to let some time pass. Don’t try to get him back immediately or else he will run away from you in the other direction. Let him see what a mistake he made by backing away from you. In this time, you should do all you can to look fantastic and become popular with your friends.

Prove the guy wrong
Let him realize that he did not know the real you. The real you has to catch his eye! Get a whole new wardrobe that will make you look gorgeous and classy. Get yourself a new hairdo and flaunt your new look! He is definitely going to wonder if you are the same person!

Become friends
It is okay to still be friends with him. Show him that you are not the type to hold a grudge! Smile and him and talk casually to him making sure he is getting the whole effect of your new look and confidence. Let him see that you are not desperate and are pretty okay about the fact that he backed away.

Let him feel like the loser
If you have a great time with new friends and paint the town red, he is going to feel pretty miserable about the fact that he let you go! You could still show him that you could be friends with him. This will give him an opportunity to reconcile and get you for good this time!

Damage control is important
You don’t want him to get attracted to your new look only to find the same old you underneath – with the same attitudes, habits etc that put him off in the first place. He has to see a completely changed person. Get rid of the bad habits and change for the better so that he will be totally hooked on to you this time.

You can be forgiving
This is the right attitude to have. If he senses that you are still hurt and bitter about the fact that he backed away, he will hesitate to get back to you. Show him that you are still interested and are ready to forgive and forget!

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