How to Talk to Women Like a Playboy – Tips From a Seasoned Womanizer

I’m a womanizer and I’m proud of it. Why? Because I can talk to any woman I want and make her fall in love with me within sixteen minutes. Ever felt the nerves before you start talking to a woman? I know exactly how you feel because I was once in your shoes. Having the ability to be able to talk to any woman has been the key to my success as a womanizer. You too can achieve outstanding results with women if you follow my tips – just read on.

First killer tip – be controlling. In a conversation, always be the dominating one. You are the one who controls the conversation, not her. You decide what to talk to. Have total disregard on what she wants to talk.

If you ignore this, you will have to put up with her whining about ex-boyfriends and such. Don’t be her emotional tampon. When she starts telling you her problems, say to her, “Do I look like Dr Phil to you?”

Second killer tip – know exactly what to talk about. Have an inventory of what you want to talk about. Good topics – relationships (except for ex-boyfriend topics!), the esoteric (astrology, tarot cards).

Learn some cold reading techniques. For example, a good line is “You are a very social person in nature, although sometimes you like to be alone”. Strange thing is that she will think that she is emotionally bonded with you. Surely this will make it much easier to get into her panties.

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