Ill Effects on the Health of Wearing the Wrong Bra

Women typically select bras which are fancy in nature and soft in texture. Types of bras obtainable in the market are Net, underwire, full coverage, maternity, minimizer, push-up, sports, stick-on, tube and lots of additional. Women use different types of bra that goes with their different outfit. The bra can accentuate the beauty of your figure as well as the dress you are wearing.

However, not many of us are aware of the harmful effects, rather ill effects on the health of wearing the wrong bra. Yes, for all those ladies who buy their bra with utmost negligence, this might be an eye-opener. Wearing a wrong bra or ill-fitted bra can call for many adversities, among those five ill-effects of wearing the wrong BRA are listed below:

1. Sagging breast:

The loose bra can spoil breast shape and size, and tight bra can lead to breast cancer. While wearing a loose bra let your muscles go loose, wearing a tight bra restrict blood circulation level in our body and can impair lymph tissues. Besides keeping our body fit, wearing well-fitted sports bra can also prevent sagging breast and offer you a perfect figure.

2. Breast pain:

Times and now, women have complained about breast pain and backaches. Did you know that wearing a wrong bra can be the major reason behind such concerns? A tight fitted bra which can impair lymph tissues due to less oxygen availability to tissues, breast pain occurs. Also, this puts unnecessary pressure on your back, and hence back pain occurs. On a daily basis, wearing an unsupportive bra can cause trauma to the breast tissues.

3. Trigger breast cancer:

As aforesaid, ill-fitted bras do not allow much oxygen availability and blood flow to breast tissues or lymph tissues, and this can cause breast cancer. Women must be careful while picking up right sized bra. Also, the fabric of the bra decides of its quality and wearability. Here are many chemically treated fabrics that are a promoter of Breast Cancer.

4. Neck and shoulder pain:

Often tight strap causes shoulder pain as it is difficult to lift breasts with a smaller belt. This strain can cause severe neck pain as well. It is recommended that ladies with dense breasts must pick broad strapped bras to avoid unnecessary pressure on their neck and back. A well-fitted bra is essential to prevent severe neck and shoulder pain.

5. Indigestion:

Weird but true, the wrong sized bra can cause indigestion and stomach pain. If your bra is very tight, it will dig into the ribs and upper stomach area, causing problems inside our body which we do not even realize.

It is imperative that you check the right size of the bra while shopping bra online. Many sites offer a size chart to ensure the best fit. A well-fitted bra will help you maintain a perfect posture and at the same time enable you look picture perfect. The wrong sized bra just does not look good but also causes serious health problems which we can thereby avoid by carrying right sized bra.

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