Incontinence Pants and Products For Men

Most men find that incontinence pants, pads, and products made specifically for the male anatomy provide the best combination of comfort, security, and protection. Here are some of the basic types available.

Stretch briefs with permanent pads: these garments are made of stretchy knit material and are designed to look and feel very much like ordinary underwear, but they have an absorbent pad sewn in. They are washable and reusable. This style is very discreet, offering security with an absolute minimum of bulk. For men with occasional light or stress incontinence, these may be a good option.

Briefs or boxer shorts with removable pads: Sometimes referred to as pocket briefs or pouch pants, these garments are basically underwear with a special pocket for holding removable pads. Most of these garments are made to be worn with a specific matching pad, some of which have a waterproof backing for additional protection. Depending on the brand, pads may be available in a variety of absorbency levels. This style is not bulky and can be worn with close fitting slacks with no problem.

Briefs with removable liners: The next step up in leak protection, these washable, reusable garments look like regular underwear and are made of stretchy material, but are designed to be worn over a removable absorbent liner that covers more of the body than a pad would. Liners may be flat or contoured, and come in both disposable and reusable versions. Disposable liners generally have a waterproof backing. Though somewhat bulkier than briefs with pads, this combination can easily be worn under close fitting clothing and provides substantial protection. With the right liners may be suitable for light, moderate, and even heavy incontinence.

Disposable briefs: These garments can offer excellent protection with outstanding convenience. Though many disposables are meant for unisex use, some brands make styles designed specifically for men. They are available in a range of sizes and absorbency levels. They are generally somewhat bulkier than reusable stretch briefs or boxers, but can still be easily worn under everyday clothing.

Waterproof pants: Made of plastic, vinyl, rubber, or other waterproof material, these garments are worn over underwear or adult diapers. They come in a wide variety of styles, including some that have drop-front flaps for easy access to pads or liners. Some also feature open side seams that close with snaps or velcro, which can benefit men with limited mobility. Used in combination with a brief/pad system, briefs with liners, or adult diapers, waterproof pants can provide the maximum in leak protection. They are generally cut to be roomy, in order to accommodate layering underneath, so they may add some bulk. Most modern waterproof pants are made of materials especially chosen to be “rustle free” and discreet.

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