Killing Candida Albicans With Microwave – Decreases Food Nutrition Value

Does temperature or microwaves kill candida albicans? Someone asked me that question just now. It is quite interesting to put here, so let’s discuss about it. Well, my MD told me to put my panties in the microwave to kill the candida on them!

My mom is under the impression that if you microwave foods with yeast in them, you’d kill them and then it would be safe to eat/drink them. She goes so far as to microwave a glass of red wine.

I am not sure about candida but, microwaves are known to degrade proteins and enzymes in food which decreases the food’s nutritional value. Also, it’s believed that microwaves convert L-proline to D-proline, which is considered toxic. All the research I have done on healing with whole foods discourages the use of a microwave.

Personally, I would like to see some “stats” on candida albicans. Heat it might kill it, or if freezing affects it, about the pH it dies in, etc. Also, I’m betting it is a whole host of yeasts that are doing the damage and not just one, although it is probably the major one. I know it changes form when it invades internal organs. It probably exists in many forms.

I can’t help but notice, though, that my current diet is so much healthier than my previous one was. I am almost paranoid now, looking at ingredients and only getting fresh stuff. I am afraid to drink herb tea that I have left sitting for any length of time (spores might have fallen on the surface). And I tend to use a lot more onions as I am afraid to save the cut halves now days.

I went organic in my vegetable garden out of fear too. Then, you start to wonder if there are harmful yeasts in the composted material. My book even suggests floating veggies in a dilute bleach solution to sanitize them, on and on it goes. I would like it better documented, so that maybe some of our minds would be at ease.

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