Kurta – An Integral Part of Indian Wardrobe

Kurta is indeed very Indian clothing; immensely popular as ethnic wear in few other eastern countries. The comfort factor and its versatility make the traditional Kurta a much loved outfit. When complemented with a suitable bottom, it is by far one of the best loved ensembles in India. They are a favorite among all age groups and made ornate with unique ethnic prints and designs.

The Kurta may be classified into different categories depending on style, pattern and designs.

Casual wear: The loose fitting Kurtas made of cotton or Khadi fabric, festooned with subtle designs and shades are ideally worn as casual wear. Casual wear Kurta for both men and women comprise a category that is slightly low on price and high on a simple yet elegant style quotient.

Formal wear: As the name suggests, these Kurtas are ideally suited for formal wear. They could be minimally styled and made of expensive fabric or elaborately designed. Formal wear kurtas which are exquisitely designed are ideally worn as party wear. They could be teamed with a suitable bottom for a complete ensemble. Accessorizing them with jewellery and handbags make it all the more chic.

Fusion wear: Kurta embodies the fusion wear concept in India. Much too often, you see college going girls and boys team a casual wear kurta with western bottom, for that young and feisty look. Girls normally wear suitable accessories like wooden bangles and trinkets in earth shades to accentuate the look. The fusion wear kurta is often complemented with a bright colored scarf or stole.

Remodeled Kurtas: Kurtas are indeed the essence of eastern dressing. In times of financial crisis such as the one the world is witnessing now, there are several creative ideas to make interesting outfits from the already existing ones. Salwar Kameez which has been lying in the cupboard for years could be modified into a fashionable Kurta. Patchwork, sequins and fabric paints could be used on them to enhance the look. Contemporary fashion, calls for a poncho made from an old veil to make the look real trendy.

Besides these, a brand new kurta in subtle shades and designs are ideal for summers. Sprucing up for summers also means that one should take care of the wardrobe. Cotton, khadi and other light fabrics in suitable colors are indeed the flavor of the season.

So make way for the very Indian kurta, use your ingenuity and flaunt a brand new fashion statement.

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