Last Night of Freedom Hen Party Themes

The phrase ‘last night of freedom’ is one traditionally associated with a UK ‘hen night’ or ‘bachelorette’ party in the US. The event itself has exploded into an intricate event, often occupying hours of pre-planning and organisation.


Fancy dress themes and trends can be a good starting point for anyone organising a hen party. Themes can be low key, simple and affordable (often best with greater numbers) such as all hens in black with a badge or wearing inexpensive bunny ears, to the involved and potentially expensive such as superheroe costume or personalised t-shirts, jackets or sashes.

Colour block is a good way to keep a themed party at a minimum cost. For example, the hens are all in black with diamante accessories and bride is in pink or red. That way, everyone can pull our their LBD and the bride gets to be centre of attention. And buy a new dress in their favourite colour which is always a good thing.


An intimate dinner, a Saturday night pub crawl or a weekend at a spa. Nothing is off limits but the emphasis should always be on the preferences of the bride to be, not her mother, best friend or second cousin with the coupon for a second rate spa hotel. Choose something tailored for the number of guests and if your choice of venue or activity isn’t suitable for a lot of people, consider splitting it into two events, perhaps one for friends and another so older members of your family don’t feel left out but also don’t feel that they have to limbo under a burning rope on the receiving end of twelve shots of tequila.


Typically, the bridesmaids are in charge but the bride’s wishes are, of course, pertinent and it’s a rare bride who will sit back and let it slide completely. It is the job of the bridesmaid to make sure the shy and retiring bride doesn’t end up pole dancing on the High Street or the bar hopping bride to be doesn’t get presented with a crash helmet and jumpsuit for a quad biking experience.

Invitations, emails and the use of groups on social networking sites are all great ways to share information, encourage feedback and sometimes allows hens who have never met before to converse before the event. This last point can be something that can make or break a hen party, especially if it involves overnight stays or weekends away. Many a stressed bride can be created trying to keep cousin Shirley away from Tanya from work because one doesn’t want to wear the bunny ears the other one has spent weeks painstakingly glueing sequins to. Communication and preparation can help eliminate at least some of these issues. Nothing makes a bride happier than surveying the room and seeing all of her friends having great time together.

The final emphasis must be on having a good time and providing the bride to be with fantastic memories and a decent send off. The last night of “freedom” might be a little old fashioned a term, but last night of fun as a single girl is worth a little preparation, time and anticipation.

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