Learn to Talk Like a Hippie

Want to learn how to talk like a hippie? The flower children of the 1960s invented dozens of counter-culture words and expressions to describe their experiences and beliefs. Whether you are planning a party to celebrate peace and love, or just want to learn some hipster slang, here is a short list of hippie words and expressions.

Baby or Babe: A term of fondness for men or women, like “Honey.”

Bag: A favorite hobby or pursuit, as in, “Playing guitar is my bag, baby.”

Ban the Bra: A feminist catchphrase. The bra was considered a symbol of women’s oppression and bras were sometimes burned in protest.

Bread: Money or cash. “I wish I didn’t have to work, but I need the bread.”

Bummer: Unfortunate occurrence or sad feeling. “What a bummer, man!”

Cat: A likable male.

Chick: A pretty, young woman.

Cool: Admirable or trendy, and worthy of emulation.

Cop out: Lame excuse for inaction or taking the lazy way out. “He said the dog ate all our brownies. What a cop out!”

Dig: “I dig it,” means, “I understand your point of view.” Also a way to describe something you like a lot, as in, “I really dig those sandals.”

Do your own thing!: Do whatever makes you happy.

Drag: Boring or disappointing. “What a drag!”

Far Out!: “Awesome!”

Flower Children: Hippies were called Flower Children because they wore flowers in their hair, on their clothes and painted flowers on everything.

Flower Power: Flowers symbolized the power of love over hate. Most famously, hippies placed flower stems in the gun barrels of law enforcement during war protests.

Funky: Stylish in an unconventional way. For example, music and fashions can be funky.

Generation Gap: Defines the divergence between the ideals of modern, young adults and those of older and more conservative generations.

Get Real: Be realistic. You are in denial.

Go with the Flow: Be calm and let things happen at their own pace.

Groovy!: Most pleasurable! The coolest!

Hassle: Trouble or difficulty. “I got hassled by the police. What a hassle!”

If It Feels Good, Do It: Be uninhibited, enjoy yourself as you wish.

Laid Back: Peaceful and calm. “The crowd was laid back.”

Lid: A $10 bag of marijuana, a full ounce at the time.

Love Beads: Natural beads that were fun to wear and fun to give as a mark of friendship.

Love-In: A hippie happening with love for all things as the central theme.

Make Love, Not War: Hippies shouted this slogan to protest war and promote peace and love.

Man: Spoken in place of a man’s name, as in dude, buddy, pal, friend, chum. “Hey, man, I dig your Hendrix poster.”

The Man: An authority figure, esp. the police.

Mellow: Pleasurable and agreeable.

Mellow Out: Take it easy; stay calm.

Munchies: Ravenous hunger, “I’ve got the munchies!” Also means delectable food, as in, “We put out lots of munchies to share.”

Outta Sight or Out of Sight: Means fantastic, “The Beatles are outta sight!”

Plastic: Phony or artificial.

Rap: A rap means a friendly discussion. To rap is to talk. The word was not associated with music as it is today.

Right On!: An exclamation that means, “I completely agree!” Political emphasis is indicated by a raised fist.

Righteous: Worthy and commendable.

Scene: The party or place where cool people meet. “Dig this groovy scene!”

Selling Out: To abandon counter-culture ideals for material or personal gain. “She sold out to work in a bank. What a sell-out!”

Split: To depart. “Let’s split this scene.” “We have to split at midnight.”

Square: Describes a person or thing that is conformist, straight-laced and very un-cool. “My mom is such a square!”

Thing: Total obsession or favorite pastime. “Incense is my thing, baby!”

Threads: Clothes.

Trippy: Fascinating and captivating with psychedelic overtones.

Uptight: Stressed or on edge. “My dad gets so uptight around my boyfriend.”

Vibes: Short for vibrations, it means a feeling or intuition. “This place puts out great vibes.” “I’m getting bad vibes from that policeman.”

Way Out: Hard to believe or really amazing.

What’s Happenin’?: Whaddup?

Where It’s At!: Highly recommended place to go. “Haight-Ashbury is where it’s at, baby.”

This list of hippie slang is by no means complete. What hippie words or expressions do you know that are not on this list?

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