Leather Coats for Men

Leather coats for men have been around for over a century and in the 1950’s they started to become readily available in shops.

Leather coats were initially worn by aviators and military and often lined with sheepskin to provide additional warmth. The coats were waterproof, long lasting and relatively light.

The leather coats of today have progressed a long way, the quality of leather has greatly improved, the cost of producing the leather has decreased making it much more affordable and there are a fantastic range of leather coats to choose from.

Leather is a soft and supple material, is very nice against the skin, it is warm and being a natural hide, will breathe. Leather conforms to the shape of your body’s, it will stretch and will actually end up fitting and feeling better as it ages.

The leather used for coats is generally made from cow hide, this is the skin of a fully grown cow. Cow hide is very readily available, tough and a big enough to allow large sections of clothing to be cut out without needing to join it.

Other hides are also used for mens coats, one of my favorites is Napa hide; this is made from lamb, goat or sheep skins. Napa leather is very fine and very soft and smooth feeling. Napa is generally used in high end products as it is more expensive and less commonly available than cow hide. Other animal and bird skins can also be used, these include Deer skin and Kangaroo skin.

There are a huge number of different styles of mens leather coats available, common ones include:

  • Biker Jacket, these are normally made of heavier weight leather and lined. These jackets in addition to providing protection from the weather, will provide a level of protection if the rider is involved in an accident.
  • Bomber Jacket, these are generally made from light weight leather like Napa, they are warm and provide great wind protection
  • Formal Jacket, these are normally plain black, grey or brown leather jackets that look great when worn with a shirt and tie
  • Trench Coat, for great weather protection and fantastic look, the trench coat is a must for the modern man
  • Casual Jacket, looks great with a tee shirt and jeans, in fact it can make just about any casual clothes look more classy. Casual jackets can have zips, buttons, domes, hoodies and many more accessories. With casual jackets there is no need to stay with the ‘normal colors’, try red, blue, green, patterned

It is a good idea to determine what style of coat you want before you go shopping, there are so many coats and jackets available it can be a bit over whelming. If you are only going to end up with one leather coat, I would suggest a black coat, which will complement the style of clothes that you normally wear. I have managed to purchase several jackets that have zip out hoodies and liners, this makes them much more versatile.

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