Liscio Japanese Hair Straightening System – Is it the Best?

The best Japanese Straight Perm is the one that is made in Japan. This would be Liscio, and Yuko. Although there are a few other hair straightener manufacturers, I would not recommend using them, because the feedback on them are few, if at all. If you can’t get a review on the product by doing a simple Google search, then don’t risk it. Here’s a little more on Liscio.

Liscio thermal reconditioning hair straightening system has a good reputation, and will make your hair appear shiny and healthy. You will be able to manage it better, and it will look naturally beautiful.

If you have curly or wavy hair that is resistant to straightening, then Liscio may be able to help you. It all depends on the stylist who is applying the chemicals. You can have the best product in the world, but if you choose a cheap stylist with no experience, you risk severely damaging your hair. Let your stylist examine your hair, and see if it’s healthy enough to withstand the application. You will also get a rough idea of how long the procedure will take.

Virgin hair, and hair that has been processed previously, use two different types of systems. Make sure your stylist is using the right products on your hair. Prior to getting your hair treated, add Keratin and Collagen to your hair, to get it in a more healthy state.

Your stylist should use a ceramic hair straightener to flat iron your hair. This technique restructures the hair texture, by heating each strand of the hair for about 3 seconds. The chemicals penetrate the core of the hair folicle, which straightens the hair.

Overall, you will be please with the Liscio Japanese Hair Straightening system, if applied by the right stylist. Make sure you follow the after care instructions given to you by your stylist, to achieve the best results.

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