Loving And Hating Nylon Panties

There are silk, cotton, lace, and even leather panties, but nylon panties are nowadays, slowly becoming the most common choice for the modern woman. But these are not all perfect, either. Here are some pros and cons of nylon underwear.

For starters, here are the good things about nylon undergarments that will make you want to get a hold of your own piece.

Nylon as a garment is relatively all about comfort and a little about elegance, too. Nylon panties shape along the body’s contour very well as compared to how cotton undergarments fail to. Similar to micro fiber underwear, nylon is very light and airy – always giving off that fresh feeling.

Typically, nylon panties have good waist and thigh bands. Whether it be in bikini cut or boy shorts, a nylon garment, on the average, does not ride up as long as it is in the right size.

Most nylon underwear are elegant. Often sewed on with lace or satin details, and even Swarovski crystal details sometimes, these panties are pretty good for showing off! They look good, they don’t gather lint, they do not deform, and they most definitely look sexy – even as boy shorts. They are most certainly not the skimpy kind of sexy, too.

Even with all those good things mentioned, like everything else, there has got to be something wrong about nylon underwear. The following are common complaints on nylon underwear that could be avoided.

Sizing can be quite inconsistent. Nylons often come in inconsistent sizes – almost always smaller. Some of these panties are sold in smaller sizes than they are labeled. Aside from this, nylon is very prone to shrinking or permanent stretching. True that it very seldom deforms, but as a whole it could size up to a bigger size. This is most commonly seen on the lower quality ones. The best way to deal with this is to invest on good quality ones and to make sure that the size fits well. Disregard the labeled size and check the actual garment. It is always a good decision to be particular in choosing and in buying, than noticing the predicaments after everything has been bought and paid for.

Noticeably, some nylon panties come with a cotton lined crotch. The common testified reason for this is nylon’s effect to produce or enhance odors down there. This is because nylon typically has components similar to rubber, which can also be seen in bigger amounts on garments made of spandex. So, unless odor is not much of a deal, choose the nylon underwear with cotton linings. Hygiene does not have to cause losing the elegance and the feminine look.

It is crucial that nylon garments be hand washed and not machine washed and tumble dried. Most people overlook this, but nylon requires a bit more care than some other undergarment material since as said earlier, it is prone to sizing.

Generally, nylon underwear is pretty much a good choice. After all, it should not take on this much popularity if it wasn’t. However, there always has to be room for extra care on the garments that hug you the tightest everyday.

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