Men’s Tan Through Swim Suit – You Can Finally Get Rid of the Speedo!

Will a men’s tan through swim suit help you finally get rid of your Speedo? Let’s face it, it’s not easy getting a tan without tan lines. Your only option these days is to either sunbathe nude or lay in a tanning bed. And even with the Speedo, you still have tan lines.

There is a simple solution for men, however – a men’s tan through swim suit. They have been around for about a decade, but they have not really caught on until recently primarily because the technology has gotten much better in recent years. In the past, tan through suits did not work very well and the prints were less than flattering to say the least.

You might be wondering how a men’s tan through swim suit can give you an “all-over” tan? Well, the suit contains a lot of tiny holes so the sun can reach the skin. It’s not rocket science, but the trick has always been how to make a tan through suit allow the sun to come though, while at the same time not letting wandering eyes see through the suit!

This is accomplished by using a high tech weaved material with bold, high contrast prints. This way, the possibility of someone seeing through the tiny holes is virtually impossible.

The material in a men’s tan through swim suit works whether wet or dry. Additionally, you want to make sure you move around while wearing one of these suits because it helps the tiny holes expose more skin, thus giving you a more even tan. In fact, these suits have become so popular in recent years that a lot of people wear them around the yard while gardening or doing yardwork.

An additional benefit of a men’s tan through swim suit is that the design helps reduce exposure to ultra-violet rays. You still have to be careful though because the SPF rating is 6, which is not very high. This means that you can still get a sunburn in one of these suits.

In recent years, these suits have become a popular choice for athletes. This is because the material is extremely light weight and dries very quickly. In fact, due to the increased demand, companies are starting to design other sports wear using the same technology. You can now get sports shirts for men and women in addition to swim suits.

So, can you finally ditch the Speedo? With a men’s tan through swim suit you can! You can wear one of these suits and be confident that you are getting an all over tan without the unsightly tan lines.

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