MLM Downline Builder – Bargain or Scam?

You’ve enrolled in a network marketing company and you are excited to see your business take off. You know it can take some time to build your network, and you plan on building slow and steady. You keep seeing these ads for mlm downline builder programs. They guarantee X number of people in your downline in X amount of time for X amount of money. Before you shell out your hard earned cash read this article and get the lowdown on MLM Downline Builder programs.

It seems like a great idea, just pay some money upfront and reap the rewards on the backend and in the long run. This could not be farther from the truth. I’m not saying all of these programs are a scam, but let’s just look at one thing. If they actually had the ability to put, let’s say, 75 real people in your downline, why wouldn’t they join first and put those people under themselves? They would benefit just as much as you would.

Let’s take a look at who these 75 new people in your downline may actually turn out to be and if they will actually be worth the money you spent to get them. What if the 75 people who appear overnight in your downline, have never even seen your website, because they have just been grabbed from a database of names and stuck in your downline.

What if they are from a third world country and have been sent your sign up page and paid a few cents to complete the sign up? A few cents is worth a fortune in a third world county. Do you think these people are going to actually build a business, or they just in it for their pennies? What if the company you paid a large sum of money to paid $7.50 to get 75 people from China, let’s say, to sign up for your program.

Let me tell you, you get what you pay for. You paid for a list of people in your downline and that’s just what you got. If a downline of real people is worth so much, and is really pretty difficult to do in a short period of time, then just HOW do you think this company is going to pull it off overnight? Don’t be fooled by these MLM Downline Builder programs. It will just be more money you fork over with nothing of substance to show for it in the end.

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