Money Saving Beauty Tips

Look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves … well that is what my granny used to say. During difficult financial times, it makes sense to cut back on spending and only buy essentials. If you have been making monthly visits to the beauty salon, then you can save a lot by using home treatments instead. Here are a few money saving beauty tips to get you started.

Salon treatments may include hair removal, facials and manicures. If you regularly have your legs waxed, invest in an epilator and do your own hair removal. Epilators are similar to an electric shaver, and remove even very short hair from the roots. Buy face mask products to use at home and give your skin a deep cleansing. Remove make up with your daily cleanser and open the pores by placing a warm towel on the face. Then apply your face mask and leave on for the required time. Whilst you are waiting, you can file and buff your nails to save on the cost of a manicure!

When you shop for products, take the time to compare prices. Look at larger sized containers, and “buy one, get one free” offers. Some brands are regularly discounted, so if you stock up when they are on offer, you never have to pay the full price.

Well known brands can be very expensive, and are not necessarily any better than much cheaper products. You could try supermarket brands for shampoo, conditioner and make up. A simple non-branded Aloe Vera body lotion is excellent and great value for money. Look for reviews in magazines or on the internet on cheaper beauty products. A well known supermarket sells its own brand of face cream which is only a fraction of the cost of products you see advertised on TV, and yet it has been clinically proven to be more effective!

Another money saving tip is to reduce the number of different products you use, by multi-tasking. For example, hair conditioner can be used in place of shaving foam; and a moisturiser or body lotion can double up as hand cream

To summarize, here are five ways you can make savings on your beauty regime:

1. Buy an epilator instead of wax strips or salon hair removal treatments.

2. Try supermarket brands in place of your usual shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.

3. Change to a cheaper face cream. Advertised products may not be effective as the marketing hype would have you believe.

4. Only buy more expensive items when they are on special offer.

5. Don’t buy shaving foam for shaving your legs … use hair conditioner instead.

Share your own tips with friends, swap ideas and see how much healthier your bank statement looks at the end of the month. A few pounds here and there can really add up.

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