My Amazing Adventure With Organic Toothpaste

Organic Toothpaste

Hey guys hope you’re having a great summer so far, my name’s Helal and I work in the Organic Skin care Industry store where I find you the best organic skin care products that actually work and smell good.

Today I want to talk about one of our unique brands we stock called Georganic these guys only focus on products that take care of your oral well-being which includes organic toothpaste and mouthwash among st others.

I can truly say after testing and trialing a few of their products one of which included the Organic Charcoal Toothpaste, this is a really great Brand. As you may know reading through our site we are great believers in checking everything, from the ingredients to the containers and packaging and this can usually take up to 3-4 weeks so you can imagine that by the third week I was well impressed as by then I could see whiter teeth and a huge reduction in some plaque build-up.

However it’s worked for things I was worried about and it feels great to flash that clean bright smile. While this worked for me bear in mind that there are organic skincare products out there which may take bit longer for effect to come if used on regular base and correctly, don’t expect a miracles overnight, all in good time.

According to some of the info on their website Alessandro Rocchi founder of Georganic focused on maintaining healthy teeth and gum using only pure, Organic sources which are safe for everyone, Georganic is both 100% Natural and Sustainable.

How Did I Find Georganics?

I first came across Georganic online while searching for other organic skincare brands, I was excited to see their amazing website and the products looked amazing the brand really suits there labeling. So being very interested I asked for samples, they arrived within few days.

I am someone who drinks coffee and tea a lot throughout the day, and we all know what tea and coffee leaves behind, I’ve always use normal commercial toothpaste, brands that have been around for a very long time and world non brand, my teeth still ended up with that little yellowish stains the aftermath of coffee and tea.

One week later of using Georganic toothpaste and oil pulling mouthwash we can see the difference and we also realized that it not only helps whitening the teeth’s and helps with gum it also protects the teeth throughout the day as I was still drinking the same amount of coffee and tea and leaving no stains.

Just to compare the differences between organic products and products that are not organic to prove a point to myself and people around me I have stopped using Georganic for a week and used normal toothpaste for few days even with all the chemicals includes these branded toothpaste I’m sorry to say commercial toothpaste fans that Georganics brand in my opinion is a much better product and more effective.


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