Nitty Gritty of Silk, Organza and Chiffon Fabrics

Fabric is the raw material of an outfit which is generally manufactured by weaving, knitting, crocheting, bonding, or spreading processes. Different types of fabrics are produced by using different types of yearns. For example, silk fabric, chiffon fabric, organza, are different types of fabrics, commonly available in market and widely used for our everyday use or for special occasions like marriage and special functions.

Some fabrics are soft and sensitive by nature; on the other hand some fabrics prove durable despite their regular and tough uses. For example, organza, cotton fabrics, and chiffon fabrics etc. are widely used in making everyday use attires, whereas attires made of silk are quite costly and demands delicate care.

If the factor of durability of fabric is concerned, Organza is one of the best options for making translucent type of clothes; a slight looser variation of attire will be best created by using this fabric with chiffon combo. This particular fabric is a hybrid one which is produced by blending polyester, nylon and silk blending together. Apart from making outfits, organza is also widely used as upholstery fabric and interior designer fabric, like paint holders and screen panels etc. for its soft, colorful, cottony, frilly look and great comfortable textures.

If the question of dress material is concerned, we must consider about chiffon above all. Basically chiffon is a kind of hybrid fabric made of blending different types of yearns made of nylon, polyester, rayon, cotton; silk, chiffon, and organza are available under different colors, however, as a general trend chiffon fabric is used in lighter shade and silk fabric is used in bright shades more. Chiffon is widely used in making ladies attires, evening and formal wear, as this cloth material adds a floaty look with beautiful draping. Apart from being used in gowns and skirts, it is also used for making belts, accents, scarves, and tops and mostly used with under layer, and silk is considered as bridal fabric for its charming texture and coherent elegance.

Nowadays stretch fabrics are commonly used in outfits as mixed element with silk and chiffon for costly ladies’ and kids’ garments; without silk, stretch fabrics and chiffon are also in wide use with Denim and jeans material.

The tale of fabric will never be completed unless we speak of silk fabric. The weavers consider silk as the gem of fabrics for its elegant colors, soft texture, and great looks. Silk is in great demand all over the world since remote past and is widely used in making suits and attires for both men and women. In fact the outfits made of silk are matchless in their quality as well as by looks. In general, silk dresses look elegant and expensive but silk made dresses are also very sensitive and demands great care for wash and preservation.

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