Nokia E7 Mobile Phone Deals With All Your Business Needs

The highlight of the Nokia World show were two mobile phones – the Nokia N8 and the Nokia E7. The Nokia N8 has already been covered in numerous article, so in this article we will focus on the features of the E7.

The Nokia E7’s operating-system and UI is almost identical to Nokia N8 which was likewise demonstrated at the Nokia conference and will be released towards the end of the month. You will discover three home screens, each full of customisable widgets in addition to short-cuts.

The place that the Nokia E7 steps from the N8 is its slide out QWERTY keyboard in addition to tilting display. The kick slide itself is a little hit and also miss. It’s tough to get your fingers in the exact place to push it in a single sweep, even though the could be a fault of the prototype E7 model.

The fact that the screen tilts will always make it incredibly easier in order to be able to type on the Nokia E7 when it is seated on the tray on your train or plane. This is a feature that other mobile phone manufacturers should consider using on their designs in the future.

This particular large 4 Inch display is very impressive. Even so the resolution which is 640×360 pixels may not be as HD as you would discover on the Apple iPhone 4, it is even larger than the majority of phones as well as will do an first-class job and benefits the owner in a very large way.

Nokia’s new ClearBlack display technology should enhance visibility outside the house in bright sun rays. This will be a marked improvement on the AMOLED displays frequently found on Android cell phones.

The E7 also has something which has been called Web Kit on the internet browser. A Web Kit based internet browser bundled with Symbian 3 absolutely needs a mention in this review. It converts internet sites very well, even those with Flash content websites. This allows the users to view WebPages how they were meant to seen by the designer and not chopped up version. It really is simple to use to, as support for multi-touch gestures will allow for you to zoom in and out of pages is little bother. It is quite easy to modify web sites, include social bookmarks.

Nokia were very keen to highlight the business package available for the Nokia E7. This is maybe a attempt to catch up on lost business from Blackberry. Business mobile phones are not normally known for looking eye catching, but the Nokia E7 is different. The aluminium shell appears almost identical to the Nokia N8’s, featuring a sleek, rounded edges available in orange, dark grey as well as green.

All apart from the heaviest electronic mail end users has to be happy with the support for approximately ten e-mail accounts, like Exchange products. Nokia have formulated a whole new email interface for the touch screen display screen devices that lets you to switch between various folders or even different e-mail accounts easily and smoothly. Small pop-up menus show up from the file that you are within, whether or not that is the inbox, outbox or even sent folder, therefore you won’t need to close down the application.

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