Nuskin ArNOX – Scientific Review of ArNOX

Age-related NADH oxidase, or arNOX, is a previously unknown internal free radical generator found on cell membranes of skin cells, that increases in activity as we age. This enzyme is from a class of newly-discovered external NADH oxidase proteins which become increasingly active with age to generate additional metabolic energy, because cell mitochondria age and thus produce less energy.

As the arNOX enzyme generates superoxide free radicals at the cell surface, it damages adjacent cells and other components, such as collagen and elastin, causing the skin to sag and wrinkle. Unlike other free radicals produced from exposure to our environment such as from the sun or pollutants, it is our genes that control the activity of this arNOX enzyme, particularly during our “ageing” years of 45-70. The higher our arNOX serum levels, the older we look and the faster we age. In a clinical study conducted by Stanford University, clinical scientists concluded that study participants with higher levels of arNOX appeared an average of seven years older, while participants with lower levels of arNOX appeared an average of seven years younger. It is for this reason that some people just look naturally younger for their age.

After making this discovery in 2008 scientists developed a technology named ageLOC, a patented blend of ingredients, which aims to slow the production of these skin-damaging free radicals at their source. This is achieved by blocking the arNOX enzyme and thus preventing the visible signs of ageing before they appear.

The discovery of the arNOX enzyme is a revolutionary research breakthrough that now allows scientists the ability to develop products that actually stop the skin’s signs of aging to compliment the treating of already damaged and aged skin.

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