Passionata Half Cup Bras – Comfortable, Sexy, and at the Pinnacle of Style All at Once

Passionata shows you their passion in a complete line of half cup bras. Benefit from their obsession.

A floral design is a must for those fun, light-hearted days. The Passionata Bloom Padded Half Cup meets you all the way. This adaptation of the classic balconette combines sexy and fun brilliantly. Light foam padding keeps you cool, comfortable, and adds just the right amount of fullness without cheating.

Ruched straps and a mesh backstrap ensure comfort and style. Lace trim at the cleavage creates a chic look that will make you reluctant to finish dressing. Lounge around for a while. You deserve it.

Florals come in all styles, too. The Passionata Chanson d’Amour half cup model is more subtle, more demur, more devastating. It translates from the French as “Song of Love”. One look and you’ll see why. The half cup molds you while the underwire provides comfortable uplift.

But what about the flora? Embroidery is done here with a whisper. The tiny rosettes sprinkled about show that clearly. Semi-sheer fabric shows you clearly while the sublime ribbon bow in the middle gives it the ideal accent right where you want to draw attention.

For those seeking the ultimate in sheer, there’s the Passionata White Nights half-cup. No padding on this model, just you and a thin, black fabric that makes you look supremely feminine. Yet, it’s far from plain.

The mesh incorporates vines topped by floral-look embroidery. The net effect is equally sexy in classic black or river blue. The bottom half features a series of divine tiny buds. The ensemble is held aloft by the thinnest possible straps, which are decorated with delicate applique.

For a little padding on a half cup, consider the Passio Boudoir. Lightly foam-padded cups are covered with mesh and topped with lace that is tres chic. The two-tone result – pink underneath, black on top – are the perfect partners.

For a more vivid contrast, try the red with black mesh. This underwire design is trimmed with picot and sports a central bow to lend it a perfect insouciance.

Get a taste of vintage lingerie without spending hundreds for hand me downs from the 40s. Select the Madone Half Cup Bra. It isn’t merely the ultra-sexy red that does the trick. It’s your imagination prompted by subtle design elements throughout.

This Passionata half cup bra features cotton tulle embroidery that is almost invisible. The material creates the softest imaginable look and feel. It’s all done with the most delicate styling that you have to look closely. When you do, you’ll know you’ve just slipped on the finest Passionata has to offer.

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