Penis Sensitivity Facts – Exploring the Pleasure Zone

Penis sensitivity is integral in becoming sexually aroused, to fully enjoy satisfying sexual intercourse and to achieve an orgasm. Most men find that the underside of the glans (or head) of the penis is the most sensitive and is the root of sexual pleasure. In order to avoid diminished penis sensitivity and safeguard the enjoyment of sex, it is a good idea to understand sensitivity and how to maintain it through a proper skin care routine, good hygiene and treatment with penis vitamins and minerals.

Research on penis sensitivity

According to a study published in the British Journal of Urology in 2009, the majority of men surveyed reported that the most sensitive areas of the penis included the underside of the glans and the shaft followed by the upper side of the glans and then the sides of the glans and shaft. Men with an intact foreskin also reported a great deal of sensitivity in this area.

This core of intensely pleasurable sensation is created by a fine network of nerve cells just underneath the skin of the penis. These nerves are responsible for transmitting erotic sensation to the brain so when the penis becomes desensitized, it may well require greater effort to create feelings of pleasure and achieving orgasm may become more difficult.

Causes of reduced penis sensation

A number of factors are related to diminished penis sensation. With age, men generally report a reduction in sensitivity although even men in their early twenties can experience some degree of sensitivity loss, particularly after prolonged and vigorous sex. One of the most significant causes of reduced sensation is related to a thickening of the penis skin due to friction. Friction can of course be caused by masturbation, sexual intercourse or rubbing and chafing against clothing and other materials. Through time, circulatory issues will also impair penis sensitivity, especially in men who are overweight or who have some form of cardiovascular disease. Smoking is also described by the Mayo Clinic as a substantial factor in the reduction of penile sensitivity.

Tips for promoting pleasurable sensation

Even men who have problems with sensitivity may be able enjoy the experience of sexual stimulation by using the suggestions offered here:

1. Keeping the penis well-hydrated may promote smooth, healthy and supple skin that is responsive to touch.

2. Experimenting with feathers, silky fabrics and a partner’s light touch can create new types of sensation as well as allowing stressed skin cells to heal from damage related to ongoing friction.

3. Toys such as vibrators (yes, the ones made for women) have been shown to be equally effective for men who use them to stimulate the glans and shaft.

4. Mixing it up in the bedroom with different positions, or asking a partner to stimulate other parts of the body, such as the nipples, scrotum, neck, and so on, may lead to increased arousal and feelings of stressless sensual pleasure.

5. Ongoing nutritional support through the use of skin-friendly vitamins, natural antibacterials, moisturizers and disease-fighting antioxidants can help to keep the skin and nerve tissue of the penis healthy and responsive.

How to nourish the penis skin and promote optimum penile sensation

While the creams and lotions found in pharmacies and retail stores often contain certain combinations of vitamins and other nutrients, these are often designed with women’s skin in mind. For men who want a nutrient cream that is specifically designed to support healthy penis skin, a specialized penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) may be the best answer. A penis health cream containing vitamins for skin and nerve support and circulatory health, as well as all-natural moisturizers that are safe for sensitive skin, may help to promote smooth and supple skin that is responsive to tactile stimulation.

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