Reasons Men Don’t Understand Women

Girls are highly complicated. Men see that she comprises clothes, smiles, lovely hairstyles, and several other things that cannot be mentioned here due to lack of space and also because of a need to be prudent. It is quite obvious that the above-mentioned do not comprise a girl. It is also obvious that a girl cannot be a girl without all these things. Men have never been able to comprehend where the things that a girl uses end and where the actual girl begins.

A lot of girls would love to be men, except on certain occasions. At least, this is what they say, and this must part of their complicated nature. No man can fathom why on earth a girl would want to be a man. Men turn pale before them, go cold and hot before them, chase after them and also run away from them, swear at them and also by them. A small-sized girl in lisle-thread stockings and a short skirt is able to twist strong men round her tiny finger.

In a way, men are lucky because girls are more fond of them than they are of other girls. There are different types of girls, and a single girl is not the same at all times. A girl by herself is not the same as she is in the company of her girlfriends. The same girl behaves differently when she is in the company of many men. And in the company of a single man, a girl’s behavior has confused even the son of Jakesh, Agur.

It is natural that a man prefers a girl as she is when she is alone. But it is not possible to have a lot of good at one time. If this was true, a bevy of damsels would have caused a lot of happiness in men, yet men are more fearful about facing a group of girls than they are about facing the bulls of Bashan.

Certain foolish men have made an unsuccessful attempt to build up the idea of an ideal girl. Such a thing as an ideal girl does not exist. If there was such a thing as an ideal girl, she would be nothing in comparison with the real girl, a being of flesh and blood–attributes that are really excellent in a woman.

Equally foolish men have treated girls as playthings. These men should not have tried to play with girls. They must have found out, sooner or later, that they were have a game with brimstone and fire.

The biggest spit-fire in the world can be extremely sweet. Yes, a girl, on the whole, is the sweetest thing known or knowable on earth. The most adorable thing nature has ever produced is the high-bred and high-spirited girl. A girl is quite aware of this, at the cost of men. As a consequence of this awareness, her price has risen, and now man must pay a high price for a variety of things such as ices, chocolates, champagne, dinners, church visits, and sometimes immediate cash.

Men wish they knew everything there is to know about girls. However, it is good that they don’t. This is in no way meant to disparage girls. The girl is an eternal puzzle to man, and it is the fact that she is a puzzle that draws man to her and arouses his curiosity about her.

In short, what a man doesn’t know about girls would fit into a truck, and what he knows about girls would fit into a girl’s little work box.

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