Remortgaging Your Home

Finding an improved mortgage deal can be very demanding as it is important that the deal reflects the factors you are looking for such as lower monthly repayments and fixed rates. Lenders have the flexibility to tailor a remortgage to your individual needs so enquiring about what types they can offer you does not harm, and you may be surprised at what deals a lender will make available. If you are looking to get a better mortgage rate Remortgageexplorer can find a remortgage tailored to your individual requirements.

The term ‘remortgage’ simply means the transfer of your existing mortgage debt to a new loan. The two main reasons why you may choose to remortgage are to save money on monthly repayments or to gain additional finance by releasing equity within your home. Remortgaging your home does not always mean changing existing mortgage lenders. If you stick with the same lender, then you do not need to get your house revalued, which is useful if LTV is a problem.

A Better Mortgage
The key to finding a better mortgage is that it should save you money and be an improvement on your existing mortgage. The factors to consider when finding a new mortgage deal are the rates of interest and specific deals that you could benefit from such as discounted or fixed rate mortgages.

Switch Mortgage
If you are coming to the end of your current mortgage deal then switching your mortgage may be an option to consider, reducing your existing monthly payments or to release equity, there are plenty of deals you could benefit from. Switching your existing mortgage deal can incur charges so make sure you look into your current terms and conditions to see whether remortgaging is right for you.

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