Remove That Straight Jacket and Move!

We are all too familiar with the feeling of waking up in the morning, getting out of bed feeling tight, and uncomfortable in our body.

Some of us head to the shower and let the water run over our backs in hopes that things will loosen up, many of us take a pill to mask the achy painful feeling.

What exactly is going on?

More importantly: How can we prevent this feeling from slowing us down in the wee hours of the morning?

With out stretching, strengthening and daily motion our bodies can become a straight jacket of immobility. Once supple muscles and fascia become dehydrated and tight, and begin to work like a vice on our skeletal system. The result is restricted range of motion and an uncomfortable body.

Long hot showers and anti-inflammatory pain medications can only mask the symptoms of this chronic condition. The only solution, and the most effective treatment is to MOVE! Yes, you heard me. MOVE YOUR BODY and MOVE IT OFTEN.

Stretch: Go to a yoga class, buy a yoga DVD, or create a home stretching routine that you can stick with and do it daily.

Strengthen: Go for a walk, go to the gym, buy a home DVD and get busy.

Move More: Continue to do your normal daily activities and be sure to incorporate your full range of motion.

As our body starts to deteriorate and become painful we start to move less and less. We sit in a chair while gardening instead of bending down on our knees. We avoid our daily walk because our ankle is achy. We take the elevator instead of the stairs because we get winded and it is uncomfortable. These small compensations contribute to our daily discomfort in a big way. It is important to be safe and listen to your body, but continue to move, and continue to be active in your daily life.

Start with these three simple rules:

1) Stretch
2) Strengthen
3) Move more

And you will be on your way to pain free mornings and comfortable days living in your body.

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