Serious Wedding Dress Shopping: The Day After

Finding the perfect wedding dress is not a short and easy process. There are several steps in the wedding dress shopping experience. From, preparation, the actual shopping experience and finding a wedding dress within a bride’s budget.

Do Your Research
Usually the day after the proposal you will get a bridal magazine: your new wedding bible. Unless you have the perfect picture of the dress you want from way back in your tiny tyke days, look through these magazines and get some ideas of what types of wedding dresses are out there. It really doesn’t matter if you feel like you might not fit into a style or it might be too expensive: rip every dress style you like out of the magazine.

Make notes and use different pen colors to circle the designs or pieces of the dress you like. Doing this will help you realize what you want out of a dress and helps you notice what styles you really like. This can also help you with the sort of accents that you want. Do you want a trumpet or ball gown, train or no train, strapless or cap sleeves?

Also note which designers you love and hate. Check out their websites to look at their other creations. Make a note of which boutiques in your area carry the designers you like.

Get the Expert Opinion
Have a meeting with your Maid of Honor and discuss ideas for your wedding dress. Ask for her opinion and advice. It’s really important to pick a wedding dress that will fit the theme of your wedding. If you and your fiancĂ© decide to have an outside winter wedding in Chicago, a summer slip dress does not look flattering with frostbite.

Set a Limit
Check your budget. Make sure you figure out how much money you have earmarked for your dress before you try on any dresses. Usually the bride or the bride’s parents pay for the dress. But if you know that you are allocating more of your budget for the other parts of the wedding, try to stick to your budget and research other avenues that will fit your finances. Check out discount wedding websites and second-hand stores. A family heirloom can always, with the right seamstress, be revamped to reflect your own style.

Start Shopping
When you are sick of looking at magazines and you are anxious to start experimenting with some styles, make an appointment with a boutique of your choice. Grab your camera, notebook, Maid of Honor and your mom, and have something light to eat before you head over to your appointment. It’s important to eat something before this modeling session because you will be carrying heavy gowns on our body and you need your strength. There is also the possibility of swooning when you find the dress.

If your Maid of Honor is not available, go with someone you will feel relaxed with and whose opinions you trust. You need someone who will honestly, but delicately, point out if a dress really looks great on you – or if it’s a train wreck. In the end though, if you feel absolutely beautiful in a dress, go with your gut.

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